We aim to be the leading example of an organization that always puts people first. We look at learning as a process that involves our customers, employees, and partners and we strive to provide an experience that is human-centered and meaningful.

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We typically work with organizations that are committed to improvement and value the insights of their people. Our customers are worldwide and include higher education institutions, government organizations, and corporations.

Through adaptive enterprise class solutions, we offer better efficiency, decision support, community, and a long term partnership. If you're looking to put continuous improvement at the forefront, we’re the right partner for you.

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Our spirit is one of innovation

We are continuously enhancing our products, processes, and people to offer a complete learning and development platform. We reinvest a
large portion of our budget in research and development to stay a step ahead of the evolving needs of our customers and partners.

Logo of Cool Vendors in Education (Gartner)

The prestigious “Cool Vendors in Education” 2014 report by Gartner profiles vendors whose products and services are innovative, intriguing and impactful in the arena of adaptive learning. Blue leverages all four of the elements in Gartner’s Nexus of Forces - information, cloud, mobile, and social - to create an adaptive learning experience.

Logo of IMS Global Learning Consortium

IMS Global’s annual Learning Impact Awards recognize outstanding, innovative applications of educational technology to address the most significant challenges facing the global education market. Bluepulse was awarded a bronze medal for its evidence-based learning improvement in educational institutions.

  • Innovation Journey

  • Image on explorance website
  • 2003

    It all starts here

  • 2004

    Blue Classic v1

    First true enterprise feedback management solution
    on the market

  • 2005

    Blue Classic v2

    Support for continuous surveys and enterprise-wide
    360 feedback capability

  • 2008

    Blue III v1

    First enterprise-class all-in-one evaluation platform

  • 2010

    Blue III v3

    Addition of central/major survey support and
    discontinuation of Blue Classic

  • 2012

    Blue III v5

    Leading course evaluation solution - selected in every
    RFP/Tender issued for 33 months in a row

  • 2014

    blue text analytics v1

    Introduction of blue text analytics module with
    specialized teaching & learning improvement

    Bluepulse v1

    First live formative feedback platform on the market

  • 2015

    DIG v1

    Blue-SIS enrollment data transformation system

  • 2016

    DIG v2

    Blue-SIS enrollment data mass transformation gateway

    Bluepulse v2

    Teaching and learning feed based platform

  • 2017

    Blue v7

    Cascaded evaluations, interactive dashboards

    Bluepulse v3

    Social feedback platform - teaching & tearning,
    and personal development

  • Staircase image on explorance website
  • 2018

    DIG v3

    Enhanced API to support all Bluepulse and BlueX data
    and SSO integration needs

    Bluepulse v4

    CBE support, teams, text analytics and machine
    integration, gateway to/from Blue

    BTA v2

    Machine learning implementation, correlation analysis,
    introduction of competency based dictionary

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Strategic partners

In the spirit of collaboration, we have partnered with key organizations who share our mission and sense of value. Below are just a few. Contact us

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Connect with like-minded leaders and administrators

Connect. Learn. Share.

We are strong believers in community and the benefits that they provide. So when our customers decided to create Bluenotes, a
united family of Blue powered organizations from all over the world, we worked with them to ensure success by assisting in any
way we can throughout their journey.

Today, the Bluenotes community lobbies and influences our roadmap ensuring that our offerings are steps ahead and meet their
needs. The community also serves as an education source for peer institutions and Explorance to build strong domain expertise
and offers research opportunities through consortiums to advance teaching and learning.

Visit the Bluenotes website

Upcoming bluenotes events

Past bluenotes events

Bluenotes MENA 2018 Conference

Centered on the theme ‘Using Feedback Data to Lead the Way to Improve, Enhance, and Shape the Future of Higher Education’, ...

Bluenotes Global 2018 Conference

Full Steam Ahead: Using Data to Lead the Way to Improve, Enhance, and Full Steam Ahead: Using Data to Lead the Way to Improve, ...

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