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Higher education faces many challenges due to ever-changing government regulations, an increasingly competitive landscape, and the digitization of the economy. The focus on student success and other key indicators, such as retention, engagement, and graduation rates, is becoming a top priority for every academic leader.

Explorance helps institutions support students throughout their complete academic lifecycle with consistent stepwise feedback, continuous listening strategies, and decision support capabilities.

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What’s in it for you?

Our commitment is to help you support your students at every step of their journey.

See the difference we will deliver:

  • Increase student enrollment

  • Optimize student engagement

  • Improve student graduation rates

  • Ensure student readiness for the workplace

A unified approach

We provide you with a unified solution and the right tools to ensure no student at your institution is left behind. Academic departments depend on student feedback collected by campus services, teaching and learning, and other areas within your institution. If each department uses its own tool, then data is stuck in siloes. This can create discord with redundancies and a lack of inter-communication, ultimately impacting the overall student experience. Further complexities arise from dealing with multiple budgets, IT support, and integration.

We change all that. Instead of having a disjointed feedback gathering process, we offer you a campus-wide solution. That means a single source of truth from a centralized process offering scalability, efficiency, IT integration, automation, and an enhanced student experience.

What if we can connect you with your students at every touchpoint?

With the holistic approach offered by Blue, universities can redefine the student experience by providing a centralized feedback gathering platform that can be aligned to top priorities. Reach potential students from the moment they submit their application and establish a strong onboarding process. Support current students and ensure they complete their journey by monitoring their learning and overall institutional experience. After graduation, keep alumni engaged to help future generations of students. By being there at every major touchpoint, you can ensure continued student success.

What if we can help ensure every student’s voice is heard?

How can we fill in the feedback gaps left by central and major surveys? What happens if a student has a need that doesn’t coincide with one of the formal surveys that your institution uses? Often, there is a delay from when a student’s voice needs to be heard and when their feedback is solicited.

Minimize this delay with a continuous listening strategy and create strong connections with your students. Collect real-time responses and target specific respondents with follow-ups to ensure that your students are getting the best experience. Have communication across campus both in and outside of the classroom. Don’t wait until the end of the course or when a student leaves to find out there was a problem with teaching and learning, course materials, campus facilities, campus services, etc.

What if we can help you make better decisions?

When you don’t have all the context around a given situation, how do you know you’re making the right decision? These decisions become critical when trying to best support students at your institution. When you don’t have a holistic process, connections are being lost and you’re not getting the full picture.

With Blue’s decision support capabilities, you get flexible reporting and dashboarding that allows you to tap into student feedback to make connections that lead to deeper insights. Properly assess success, learning, and risks, so you never have to ask, “am I making the right decision?”

Transform the academic experience and drive student success.

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