We wholeheartedly believe that by nurturing a culture of integrity, care, and mutual respect we can sustain the ‘human spirit’ and empower our people to bring achievement into their own lives.

We encourage innovation

Explorers know that they can come to work and be entrepreneurial and that the company will do whatever it takes to help them meet their goals.

We don’t think ‘outside of the box’ because to us there is no box! Instead we strive to create an environment that nurtures and preserves the innovator spirit that brought Explorance into being.

Our employees make us a
great workplace

For the past seven years Explorance has been named a Great Place to Work®. The award is based on two criteria: feedback from a random selection of employees and an in-depth review of our culture.

  • 2nd
  • Best Workplace
    in 2020
  • 2014


  • 2015


  • 2016


  • 2017


  • 2018


  • 2019


What do Explorers like best about working here?

One of the things I appreciate most about working at Explorance is that it is a place that encourages you to have an opinion and to challenge instead of blindly do what you are told. Improvement at heart is not just about our product and our business, it is also about ourselves as individuals.

Raphael Gera, Software Developer

Explorance has met and exceeded all my expectations. I feel the commitment to MTM. Explorance has made sure we feel part of the team and culture. I am most impressed with how quickly and easily we can get things done. I can be better at my job because of the culture of Explorance and the support I have received. I can focus on doing what is right for the client.

Steve Lange, Professional Services

I like working for Explorance because I feel free to throw myself into the type of work that I enjoy. This is an environment where I feel I can be an entrepreneur, a workplace where learning and collaboration certainly lives up to the hype.

Fernando Sánchez, Professional Services

When I arrived at Explorance for my interview years ago I was impressed with the company culture and vision. To this day I am impressed with the fact that despite the company’s exponential growth, the culture and vision remain unchanged as does the commitment of the various staff members to both items. This is definitely a unique environment that allows and encourages both personal and professional growth.

Miltiadis Vadrahanis, VP, Professional Services

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A culture of free-will

We treat our employees like the adults that they are and empower them with the advantage, accountability, and autonomy that comes with free-will. We strive to remain the same bunch of ‘misfits’ that we have cherished so much from the beginning.

— Samer Saab, CEO

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We offer benefits that fit our employees’ lives

We want to make sure that we are all living our best lives. That is why our range of benefits and rewards are designed to address the diverse needs of
our employees and their families. These are just a few of the benefits we offer.

  • Health

  • Subsidized

  • Gym

  • Unlimited

  • Professional

We celebrate every success. We grow from every challenge.

Ours is a culture of support that challenges and rewards our employees to succeed at every opportunity. Our hero awards make peer-to-peer recognition simple, fun, and rewarding. Each quarter, employees are nominated by colleagues and recognized for their efforts. The CEO Awards are presented at our annual end-of-year celebration and are given in recognition and appreciation to those employees who have gone above and beyond. These prizes are personalized and tailored for the recipient and their family.


When Explorance first launched in 2003, we were 3 employees in a two and a half room office. Today we have 4 offices in different corners of the globe
and are always looking to expand our clan. If you consider yourself a misfit who enjoys doing the unexpected, then we definitely want to hear from you.

We work smart. We play hard.

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