Transform Comments Into Data-Driven Actionable Insights with Machine Learning​

Save time and discover recommendations with a solution that reads, analyzes and categorizes massive amounts of feedback into student and employee relatable terms, to help focus on what matters most to an organization's population.​

Deeper Insights with Domain-Specific Feedback Analytics​

Explorance BlueML leverages specialized models that accurately consume, analyze and categorize comments, tying them with the student and employee journeys by providing context-specific insight.

Specifically trained with comments from students and employees, Machine Learning models efficiently categorize feedback, allowing to dig deeper into a target population's sentiment towards a specific topic.​

SLC Student

  • Quality/delivery
  • Engagement
  • Readings
  • Labs
  • Tutorials/workshops
  • Difficulty

EEC Employee

  • Workload
  • Work-life balance
  • Job security
  • Work at home
  • Discrimination
  • Diversity

ELC Employee

  • Instructor
  • Class-participation
  • Learning activities
  • Training material
  • Expectations/objectives
  • Software

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Data-Driven Insights.

Explorance BlueML helps leaders act more decisively, and influence more confidently thanks to data. Improve learning and experience for employees and student populations based on data-driven insights instead of assumptions.

Sentiment Analysis

Get an accurate representation of a population's feeling (positive, negative, neutral), and the ability to dig into specific topics and themes.


Go beyond categories and easily find out when a comment is a formative forward-looking recommendation.

Predictive Indicators

Identify feedback patterns and detect common opinions towards specific topics to get ahead of issues before they arise.

More Insights Wherever Feedback Comes From

Explorance BlueML is a feedback source-agnostic solution that allows to harness collective intelligence wherever it comes from. Leverage internal and external data to further understand student or employee experience, by analyzing feedback from anywhere.​

  • Course evaluations
  • Engagement surveys
  • External review sites (e.g., Glassdoor, Campus Advisor)
  • Learning and development platforms

Beyond Insights - Dive into Crowdsourced Recommendations

Explorance BlueML is a purpose-built feedback analytics solution that also identifies recommendations from comments. With its ability to analyze qualitative feedback at scale, it effectively provides leaders with timely and actionable recommendations that focus on what the organization should start or stop doing, do more or less of, and change.

Feature highlights

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Analyze comments from anywhere, e.g., internal evaluations or external review sites, without being attached to a specific platform.

Proprietary Models

Gain access to ever-evolving Experience and Learning Categorization models, allowing you to swiftly understand qualitative data. ​

Custom Models

Define a personalized category structure and map domain-specific terminology to get a more accurate and comprehensive analysis.

Easy Data Processing

Streamline data ingestion in a timely fashion with a solution that can consume up to 250,000 comments simultaneously.

Evolution and Scalability

Trust an ML solution modeled on domain-specific comments and its ability to evolve and adapt to changing leadership themes.

Contextual Categorization

Dig into comments that have been carefully categorized for the employee and student journey, allowing efficient context-specific insights.

Ready for the Future

Add sentiment analysis and insights to strategic planning by consuming the API and automating the analysis within an evaluation process.

Dashboard & Trends

Identify trends by grouping data together and filter by demographics in a comment-first analytics tool, easily accessible from the Web.

“ Act on Insight, Not on Instinct. ”

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