Stepwise Feedback

A Comprehensive Feedback
Gathering Strategy for Students

Achieve a unified source of truth with an integrated, scalable student insight
platform for across their educational lifecycle.


Simplify feedback collection

The Blue student insight platform allows your institution to connect all stepwise feedback in one centralized location.
Automation, data analysis, and customized reporting mean you have everything you need to optimize the student experience.

Purpose-built as a best-in-class stepwise survey platform, Blue supports:

  • Course evaluation

  • Faculty peer reviews

  • Faculty self-evaluation

  • Mid-term reviews

  • 360 degree feedback

  • Student exit surveys

  • Advisor assessments

  • Alumni surveys

The power of 1

Is one system enough?

You might be thinking, "Will I be able to handle everything with just one tool?" The simple answer is yes. Blue is a platform that can handle anything you throw at it. It provides scalability and can automate the most complex data collection processes through its powerful HE Data Model, enabling you to leverage full institutional hierarchy and enrollment relationships.

Far from the loneliest number, everything is harnessed in one place. It means having one budget, one stream of data, and it ensures students have the same experience across faculties and departments.

Eliminate uncertainties with Blue’s out-of-the-box integration that connects with any SIS, LMS, Portal, and other IT systems. Combine this with powerful automation, and you are good to go.

Specialized Features

How does Blue stand apart?

This isn’t your one size fits all approach. Blue is a platform built to support all your feedback initiatives.

Can you use any survey software for this? Of course, but why not use the one platform that was built to support your most important feedback processes
like course evaluations and 360 degree feedback reviews from the ground up?

Need a platform built for your course evaluations? That’s Blue.

Blue was developed with the ability to manage any aspect of the course evaluation process. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any old survey software for course evaluations that supports:

  • Consumption of enrollment data

  • Team-taught scenarios

  • Cross-listed courses

  • Analysis of qualitative feedback on teaching and learning

  • Seamless integration with the most popular LMS systems

How about for 360 degree feedback?

We’re just getting warmed up. You might need to double-check if your survey tool for 360 degree feedback reviews supports an unlimited number of custom rater groups and automatically assigns raters based on hierarchy. Popular 360 degree feedback reporting features include:

  • Perception gap analysis

  • Breakdown by rater group

  • Comparative reporting – periods, etc.

  • Aggregate reporting – norms, etc.

  • Johari window

Feature highlights

Blue Student Insight Platform

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Powerful reporting

Perform time trend analysis to compare improvement results evolution or aggregate your results by any criteria that matter (departmental, organizational, etc.).

Machine learning

Tap into your qualitative feedback data and obtain a more complete picture of student feedback.


Provide forms and reports in a variety of languages as well as cultural adaptations to match audience requirements.

Cascaded evaluations

Support evaluations with hundreds of questions easily in one cascaded project.


Build evaluations around current or event-based data, including open evaluations, open surveys, fixed surveys, and surveys with event triggers.

GDPR compliance

Abide by the strictest interpretations of GDPR while still taking advantage of Blue’s full integration and analytics capabilities.

Smart notifications

Send centralized and personalized invitations, reminders, emails, and SMS notifications to participants anytime, anywhere.

IT integration

Leverage existing source data and hierarchy, including SIS, LMS, portals, and other security and information systems.


Meet the latest accessibility standards for WCAG 2.1 (AA) and Section 508, and provide a seamless experience to all.


Blue APIs allow data to be pushed and pulled to the most popular systems.


What users are saying

The University of San Francisco selected Blue because it met, and in most cases exceeded, the critical requirements we were looking for in an online course evaluation system. [...]We were equally impressed with the delivered reports and analytics, which surpassed those of the other vendors we looked at. We are very satisfied in our choice of Explorance and Blue.

Robert L. Bromfield
Assistant Dean and University Registrar, University of San Francisco

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill logo

Blue's ability to take my complicated, 42-department, 28-questionnaire, multi-report evaluation (…) left me feeling confident that I can continue to improve my process and the information I will be able to share with my instructors, departments, and deans.

Heather Thompson
College Course Evaluation Coordinator

Since transitioning to Blue, Monash has made significant efficiency savings in their survey fieldwork operations, has a platform that can cater to the customisation requirements of a large and complex university, and provides a streamlined and consolidated platform for the sharing and distribution of student insights.

Kristina Kaulenas
Manager Information Strategy and Survey

Indiana University Bloomington chooses Blue by Explorance

We fully launched Blue online course evaluations in fall of 2015 and we had the highest response rate to date that term.

Krisy Lynn Mahome
Assistant Director for Evaluation Services and Testing, IU Bloomington

Connect all student feedback initiatives across your institution.

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