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Connect the dots and get a full picture to understand the story of your key stakeholders.

Optimize the journey of your key stakeholders at every touchpoint

Surveys tell one part of the story. They capture a particular experience at a particular time. What if you could capture the ongoing journey of your people and tell their full story? Welcome to our approach to Experience Management (XM), a holistic process of collecting feedback that goes beyond just surveys. What sets our approach to experience management apart is the ability to receive and provide constant feedback and comprehensive analysis, marking all improvements for your key stakeholders – from when they’re students in higher education to employees at the workplace.

Execute and manage all your stepwise feedback processes through experience management. Minimize feedback delays and track improvements with continuous listening. Access flexible reporting and dashboarding while tapping into your qualitative feedback (direct, indirect, and inferred) for unrivaled decision support.

Higher education

Student Experience Management

From Application to Graduation

Understand your students’ full story with the 3 cornerstones of student experience management (SXM): stepwise feedback, continuous listening, and decision support.

Find out how we’ve partnered with higher education institutions to implement our SXM approach.

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Employee Experience Management

From Hire to Retire

Develop a comprehensive talent measurement process through the 3 cornerstones of employee experience management (EXM): stepwise feedback, continuous listening, and decision support

Find out today how we can partner with you to implement a successful EXM approach.

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Optimize every touchpoint along the student and employee journey.

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