What is Journey Analytics?

You’re probably thinking, “what is Journey Analytics?” Simply put - it’s the future of feedback. Instead of just focusing on a specific event
and evaluating whether it was a positive or negative experience, journey analytics is an ongoing process looking at the entire timeline.

By going beyond evaluating segmented experiences, you have a deeper understanding of improving processes, a person’s sentiment,
and identifying patterns so the right decisions are made. Journey Analytics provides a comprehensive picture that is extended to anyone.

Higher education

Student Journey Analytics

Understand your students’ full story with Student Journey Analytics. Centralize all major feedback gathering initiatives such as course evaluations, institutional surveys, live formative feedback, and more to help drive student success.

Find out today how we’ve partnered with Higher Education institutions to implement their Student Journey Analytics strategy.

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Employee Journey Analytics

Have a comprehensive Employee Journey Analytics process and deploy a centralized, unified experience approach with learning measurements, experience surveys, instant feedback, to drive higher employee engagement and improve organizational performance.

Find out today how we can partner with you to implement an Employee Journey Analytics strategy at your organization.

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