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A robust, fully integrated,
and centralized survey system

Maximize survey engagement with a centralized survey tool for all stakeholders.
Learn how Blue can automate your survey processes.


Blue survey software

With Blue, you can spend less time managing complex survey processes and more time taking action based on survey insights.

  • Automation
    Leverage current or event-based data at the source to automatically gather the feedback you need from your institution’s SIS, HRIS, LMS and other IT systems.

  • Robustness
    A centralized survey system, Blue is built for performance, scalability, privacy, and security.

  • Analytics
    With Blue’s powerful reporting engine, you can easily share customized insights and reports at any level of the institution, and leverage feedback analytics in other systems.

  • Accessibility
    Blue meets the latest accessibility standards for WCAG 2.1 (AA) and Section 508, so you can provide a seamless survey experience to all

Feature highlights

Blue surveys

Event triggers

Maximize survey engagement by automatically triggering Blue surveys to the right people at the right time.

Survey management

Centralize all your institution’s survey projects in Blue and streamline your data gathering and reporting process.

Hybrid surveys

Accommodate your online and/or paper survey processes with Blue.

Demographic piping

Utilize demographic and response-based piping to create dynamic forms that customize each respondent’s path.

Smart notifications

Optimize survey engagement by sending centralized and personalized invitations, reminders, emails, and SMS notifications to participants anytime, anywhere.

Scalable structure

Adapt to a growing user base (100 to 200,000+ FTE) and support large scale centralized and decentralized surveys.

Nested branching

Use nested branching to skip over questions based on responses and respondent demographics.

IT integration

Leverage existing source data and hierarchy, including HRIS and other IT infrastructures.

Live reporting

Access a flexible snapshot report view that reflects live response data to maximize participation rates.

Comparative analysis

Use time trend analysis for a comprehensive view into improvement data trends.


Want to get the most out of
your surveys?

Creating a centralized survey process can seem like a daunting task, but Explorance is here to help you.
We have knowledgeable experts in the field who can support and assist in converting your survey data into actionable insights.

We can offer question items, framework, and consultancy for you to devise the right centralized survey system for your institution.
More than just the technology, we can adapt solutions to fit your unique needs supplying you with the right plan.

  • Advanced reporting

  • Question library

  • Measurement strategies

  • Key metrics


What users are saying

Georgian College logo

For any new software project here at Georgian College, we insist on tight integration with our current systems. Blue demonstrated deep integration capabilities, in addition to all the features available.

Grant Strasser
Manager, Business Systems

I am very impressed by the Blue survey, specially the instructor and course evaluation. In my 15+ years in IR office, both in the States and in the Middle East, I have never come across an enterprise level software that has automated all the survey steps to this level. This is a great product.

Dilnesaw Asrat

Once the project is set up in Blue, it’s pretty much automated. It can almost run itself; you just have to keep an eye on it. It was the only platform capable of meeting the complex business and reporting requirements of Monash, as well as offering significant capabilities to further expand Monash’s ability to enhance its continuous improvement objectives.

Kristina Kaulenas
Manager Information Strategy and Survey

The integration of Blue with PeopleSoft (UofL’s student information management system) allows demographic data to be extracted directly from the system. This eliminates the need to ask these questions on both course evaluations and assessment surveys. Response rates increase when the evaluation form is shortened. The flexibility of the Blue platform allowed the university to implement an online survey software system that matched the university’s organizational structure.

Robert Goldstein
Vice Provost for Institutional Research, Effectiveness, and Analytics

Centralize all your institution’s survey processes.

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