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Transforming a Nurse Residency Program to Achieve Excellence in Quality of Patients Care with Explorance Blue and OpusVi




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OpusVi partners with healthcare organizations to build transformative workforce solutions.


Explorance Blue

Key benefits:

  • Significant Improvement in Employee Retention
  • Enhanced Decision-Making with Real-Time Insights
  • Increased Job Satisfaction and Well-Being
  • Customizable Feedback Solution over 40 touchpoints
  • Substantial Cost Savings by reducing turnover costs

Challenge: Enhancing Nurse Retention and Quality of Patient Care

OpusVi, a healthcare workforce development solutions provider that exclusively enables healthcare systems and organizations to upskill and retain top talent, built a Nurse Residency program for one of the nation’s largest health systems to enhance nurse retention, reduce turnover costs, improve nurse well-being, and ensure the competency and quality of patient care. OpusVi’s Nurse Residency program was designed specifically to standardize excellence, deliver evidence-based clinical practices, and support new nurses’ transition into practice.

Realizing the importance of a robust survey and evaluation solution to help track program engagement and efficacy, OpusVi engaged in conversation with the Explorance team at an industry conference for Educational Technology.

Solution: A Customized Feedback Solution

OpusVi chose Explorance Blue feedback solution for its ability to gather feedback across various stages of the nursing program, covering content, educational methods, and mentorship/preceptorship. Other solutions lacked the ability for full customization to accomplish OpusVi’s vision for the program lifecycle. 

By leveraging Explorance Blue, OpusVi is able to access invaluable, real-time insights into the engagement within the program and a comprehensive understanding of the program’s effectiveness and areas for improvement – enabling OpusVi’s Nurse Residency program to continually improve and deliver the highest-quality solutions to health systems.

The real-time data collection, supported by Explorance’s technology, combined with OpusVi’s proprietary Impact Dashboard provides health system leaders unprecedented access into the efficacy of its workforce development solutions – an unparalleled benefit other solutions lack.

Explorance Blue was selected due to its unparalleled customizability, which was essential for administering and analyzing data across the complex Nurse Residency program. With over 40 touchpoints spread over 12 months, other solutions lacked the flexibility required to meet the program’s demands. Furthermore, Explorance unwavering dedication to customer service and commitment to supporting OpusVi’s vision solidified the partnership.

Outcome: Transformative Results for the Nurse Residency Program

The implementation of OpusVi’s Nurse Residency program led to a significant improvement in nurse retention within the health system. With a retention rate exceeding 90%, compared to their previous average of 50%, the health system achieved unprecedented success, resulting in substantial cost savings from reduced turnover and hiring expenses, amounting to millions of dollars. In the first year, OpusVi’s platform supported over 600 nurse residents across 61 different hospital sites across the U.S.

The integration of Explorance Blue into OpusVi’s solution provided the health system’s leadership with access to real-time data across the organization, enhancing decision-making processes. Empowered by this data-driven approach, leaders could make informed decisions regarding new graduate progression, identify challenges, and celebrate achievements, thereby contributing to the overall success of the Nurse Residency program.

Moreover, the Nurse Residency program, supported by Explorance Blue, facilitated frequent and structured interactions between residents, preceptors, unit leaders, educators, and mentors. This emphasis on engagement led to increased role satisfaction and well-being among new employees during their crucial first 12 months of employment. As a result, the improved job satisfaction positively impacted overall nurse retention and, ultimately, patient care quality.

In summary, the collaborative efforts of OpusVi and Explorance delivered transformative outcomes for the health system, including enhanced nurse retention, improved decision-making through real-time data insights, and increased job satisfaction among new nurses.

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