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Through deep integration, Blue leverages enrollment data at the source enabling full automation of course evaluations institution wide. Key highlights include:

  • Distribution/reallocation of reports based on institutional hierarchy.

  • Availability of course reports after grades are released.

  • Supporting courses with different start/end dates and durations.

  • Handling of late withdrawals and registrations.


The Blue course evaluation system is built from the ground up to support the needs of academic institutions in assessing their learning experience. Key highlights include:

  • Supporting both centralized and decentralized models of evaluation.

  • Handling the unique evaluations of all schools within an institution i.e. medical, law, extension, business, etc.

  • Providing native support for complex courses such as cross-listed, team-taught, and serial lectures.

  • Accommodating hybrid paper-online evaluations.


With Blue, high response rates are achieved through student and instructor engagement. Key highlights include:

  • Closing the feedback loop so students feel part of an effective, value-added process.

  • Deep integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS) for a seamless course evaluation experience.

  • Setup of grade and/or course registration pathways with Student Information Systems (SIS).

  • Starting the learning conversation from day 1 with Bluepulse - a social feedback tool.


Blue brings together an array of reporting tools and learning analytics features that support continuous improvement in the learning process. Key highlights include:

  • Offering flexible reporting that allows efficiency in providing the right results, in the right way, to the right stakeholders.

  • Unlocking qualitative student feedback with Blue Text Analytics and its validated Teaching and Learning dictionary.

  • Providing live interactive access to course evaluation results with the response rates dashboard.

  • Leveraging the Blue Item Bank: A robust, vetted, and comprehensive database of 200+ course evaluation items that follow best practices in research and use.


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Feature highlights

Blue course evaluations

Automated evaluations

Automate all course evaluations including courses with different durations, start dates, and end dates.

Comparative reporting

Measure the efficiency of your teaching and learning initiatives over time.

LMS integration

Engage students and instructors in the course evaluation process with deep LMS integration.

Cross-listed courses

Leverage native support for cross-listed courses without extra effort or external data manipulation.

Aggregate reporting

Analyze key learning experience results and metrics at all levels of the institutional hierarchy.

SIS integration

Attain high student participation rates with SIS grade and course registration pathways.

Smart invites

Reach your students anytime, anywhere with smart email invitations, reminders, notifications, SMS features, and other institutional systems.

Text analytics

Convert common attributes, sentiments, and themes from open-ended student feedback into quantifiable results.

Institutional hierarchy

Take advantage of institutional hierarchy associations to fully automate your course evaluation process.

Team-taught courses

Evaluate courses with multiple teaching staff including primary lecturers, instructors, and teaching assistants.

Report distribution

Setup event, demographic, and hierarchical report allocation and distribution triggers for a simplified administration experience.

Equivalent experience

Meet the latest accessibility standards for WCAG 2.1 (AA) and Section 508, and provide a seamless experience to all.

Blue hybrid evaluations

Are you migrating from paper to
online course evaluations?

Every higher education institution has a culture that makes their transition from paper to online course evaluations unique to them. With Blue hybrid evaluations, we offer a way to accommodate your online and/or paper processes during transition. Key highlights include:

  • Support for hybrid, paper, and online course evaluations.

  • Paper evaluations work on any scanner and print on any paper.

  • Delegate control of paper/in-class online evaluations to instructors.

  • Unified online reporting even with paper evaluations.

Blue text analytics

What are you currently doing
with your qualitative data?

As higher education institutions continue to further their focus on understanding student expectations, we find that open-ended feedback is not often used in their learning analytics. Explorance has invested years of research, analyzed millions of student comments, and have come up with a validated teaching and learning dictionary that captures the most common themes in qualitative feedback.

Key highlights include:

  • Based on 1.8 million real student comments.

  • Categorized into 110 teaching and learning vocabularies.

  • 10+ categories of alert and discrimination.

  • 92% coverage of paragraphs and 90% coverage of sentences.

  • Number of teaching and learning dictionaries: 3 and counting.

Blue instructor dashboard

Put the power of learning analytics at the fingertips of your instructors.

The richness of data that Blue course evaluations provide makes it easier to drill down results based on any demographic (age, gender, etc.), allowing institutions to make better decisions. So why not share that power with your instructors?

With the Blue instructor dashboard, you can empower your faculty members to view results from all of their courses in one interactive area. Now instructors can quickly identify successes, blind spots, opportunities, as well as see improvement over time.

Get the most out of your course evaluation process.

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