Learning journey analytics

A continuous cycle of improvement for the entire organization

The explorance LEM model

evaluation software

An effective learning journey analytics software, Blue includes a complete set of enterprise level tools that enable organizations to benchmark, evaluate, analyze, improve, and monitor every aspect of their stakeholders’ experience. The most popular applications include course evaluations, central and major surveys, and 360 degree feedback. Learn more about Blue.

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Social feedback

Bluepulse is a social feedback software that brings the benefits of two-way communication, in the moment learning, and continuous improvement to the fingertips of everyone within your organization. Popular applications include live formative feedback to enhance teaching and learning as well as social feedback to support professional development and improve employee engagement with services. Learn more about Bluepulse.

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Feedback analytics platform

Blue Analytics is a standalone feedback analytics platform that offers all the tools that stakeholders within your organization might need to support decisions including text analytics, flexible reporting, and interactive dashboards. Learn more about Blue Analytics.

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Data integrity gateway

Take your course evaluation data cleanup from 7 weeks of manual preparation to 2 weeks of automated workflows. The Data Integrity Gateway (DIG) is a dynamic tool that will help you prepare your enrolment data for course evaluation automation. Seamlessly integrating with any information system (SIS, LMS, HRIS, ERP, CRM, etc.), DIG enables you to manage and run multiple cleanup projects from within a single tool. Learn more about DIG.

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