Decision Support

Make better decisions about student success
with a more complete data set

Now you can analyze feedback, tap into unstructured data, and add
context to every question - getting a more complete view of what your students are saying.


All the support tools you need

Give teachers, institutional leaders, and administrators the tools they need to understand students at every touchpoint throughout the educational lifecycle.
Access greater understanding from alternative feedback sources to better inform decisions and support the overall student experience.

  • Generate insights quickly
    Share reports in a timely manner to ensure that improvement actions are meaningful.

  • Escalation and alert capabilities
    Leverage a mechanism engine that handles feedback elements that require immediate action.

  • Improvement recommendations
    Make sure your reports also include guidelines that offer context on what needs to be improved and what should be done to improve.

  • Visibility and monitoring
    Ensure that improvement initiatives are working and visible to the students who provided the feedback in order to close the loop and engage them in the process.

Experience data

Add context to student feedback data

Don’t make decisions without the full picture. We often look at direct feedback given by students as a way to understand their feelings and expectations. What can be inferred from what’s already known? Blue takes your metadata, including demographic and behavioral data, and further qualify your student feedback, giving you more context to better support your decisions.

Machine learning

Find the deeper meaning

Get in-depth analysis of your open-ended student comments collected from evaluations and surveys with Blue Machine Learning (BlueML). Traditionally, institutions do not have the right tools in place to leverage this type of feedback, which can help develop a greater understanding of your students. Make sense of qualitative student feedback by having it categorized and understand your students' underlying feelings.

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Categorization - student experience, learning, and competency development

  • Recommendation categories and qualifiers

Feature highlights

Blue Student Insight Solutions

Powerful reporting

Perform time trend analysis to compare improvement results evolution or aggregate your results by any criteria that matter (departmental, organizational, etc.).

Machine learning

Tap into your qualitative feedback data and obtain a more complete picture of student feedback.


Provide forms and reports in a variety of languages as well as cultural adaptations to match audience requirements.

Cascaded evaluations

Support evaluations with hundreds of questions easily in one cascaded project.


Build evaluations around current or event-based data, including open evaluations, open surveys, fixed surveys, and surveys with event triggers.

GDPR compliance

Abide by the strictest interpretations of GDPR while still taking advantage of Blue’s full integration and analytics capabilities.

Smart notifications

Send centralized and personalized invitations, reminders, emails, and SMS notifications to participants anytime, anywhere.

IT integration

Leverage existing source data and hierarchy, including SIS, LMS, portals, and other security and information systems.


Meet the latest accessibility standards for WCAG 2.1 (AA) and Section 508, and provide a seamless experience to all.


Blue APIs allow data to be pushed and pulled to the most popular systems.


What users are saying

Loan Depo logo

Explorance is an excellent company to work with and their Blue system has no comparison when it comes to survey tools to capture the customer experience and satisfaction. … Whether you are working with their Professional Services team or Customer Support their response is excellent and without a glitch. I would not hesitate to recommend them and their products.

Erika Sanchez
Office of the CEO/ Customer Care

University of Louisville logo

The product is easy to use, has many great features, and integrates with existing platforms … The response rate monitor allows users the ability to track the day of the week and hour of the day that responses are received so marketing efforts and automatic reminders can be scheduled for maximum impact.

Becky Patterson
Exec. Director, Institutional Research & Planning

Mohawk college logo

Explorance has a solid piece of software that does more than one thing. Any company can create software to do a survey, but that’s not where the true value is. The true value is in a complete integration: with in-house data, with the student information system, and then being able to produce good reports from all that data together.

Helen Sheridan
Senior Research and Planning Analyst, Institutional Research

American Petroleum Institute logg

In selecting Explorance as our strategic partner, in Blue we have a true solution that has taken our capability to the next level. … it is adaptable to a wide range of data collection, analytics and reporting needs, and we have a wide range of Fortune 500 stakeholders who appreciate the modern look, feel and logic of their new interface.

Oliver Giles
Senior Program Manager

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