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Strategy, analysis, and change management solutions that are tailored to your needs.

When you Need More Expertise

If you need strategy development, advanced analytics, management support, or that little extra to tie everything together, the Explorance consultants are here for you. We’ve gained the experience, knowledge, and expertise from our many years of successful implementations for organizations and institutions to help you realize your experience management goals.

Strategy Development

In today’s highly dynamic environment, operating models and strategies are changing to accommodate new ways of working. Whether it’s a holistic experience management strategy, an employee or student journey mapping analysis, or a continuous listening approach, Explorance consultants will keep your needs and objectives front and center, while using their expertise to create a flexible and focused approach.

Best Practice Guidance

We use our experience to make your experience with our products the best it can be. CSMs have worked with a variety of organizations that are using Explorance platforms and can provide advice based on what they’ve seen work well for others.

Advanced Analytics

Rather than "going with your gut," we can help you focus on analytics for driving strategic business decisions. The Explorance statisticians are experts in using sophisticated analysis techniques to uncover hidden insights. Whether it’s in-depth data analysis collected natively in Explorance platforms, external data sets, or the marriage of multiple data sets from different sources, our team is ready to provide sound and research-backed methods.

Need help preparing for your next executive review presentation? Our consultants will help you develop your content, craft the story, and identify recommended actions to take from the results. If you are not comfortable presenting, you can be confident that your story will be delivered with the executive presence and professionalism you expect.

Change Management Support

Building a culture of measurement can seem daunting, but it does not have to be. Explorance Consultants draw on real-world experience to guide your team through the change process and build the capabilities needed to ensure success. Examples include data literacy workshops, dedicated coaching, report and dashboard planning, and implementation, and more.

How can we help you?

  • Complex & advanced data analysis

  • Skills assessment development

  • Instrument design & validation

  • Measurement & reporting strategy

  • KPI and dashboard design

  • Talent program impact studies

  • Custom coaching

  • Award application consulting

  • Executive reporting services

  • Employee & student journey mapping & analytics

Realize your Experience Management goals with our experts.

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