The learning & development effectiveness solution

Drive meaningful impact in your learning and development (L&D) programs. With
Metrics That Matter, you can continually measure, evaluate, and increase the
effectiveness of your organization’s learning portfolio at driving employee performance.

Scientifically Validated Measurement.

Through a specialized research-based methodology, MTM enables your organization to identify scrap
learning and improve the effectiveness of your L&D portfolio at driving employee performance.

  • Built-In Expertise

    Align learning to critical business priorities with best practice KPIs, SmartSheet evaluations, and measurement strategies.

  • 1.5 Billion Data Points

    Metrics That Matter has the world’s largest validated source of learning impact benchmarks based on the latest research in learning analytics.

  • Prescriptive Insights

    Minimizes efforts to identify areas of wasted investment and scrap learning and distributes insights to decision makers with embedded recommendations from measurement experts.

Eliminate wasted program expenses & align learning with business outcomes.

An end-to-end solution, Metrics That Matter (MTM) automates the learning measurement process across your entire L&D portfolio. By combining data from your enterprise systems (LMS, HRIS, etc.) with information collected through evaluations, MTM paints a complete picture of learning programs and business performance.

Reduce waste in your L&D budget and start focusing your investments on programs that achieve tangible results. With MTM you can leverage the world’s largest database of L&D effectiveness and impact benchmarks - which includes Net Promoter, scrap learning, and estimated performance improvement due to training. Our measurement experts have built KPI frameworks, validated survey instruments, and created a suite of reports to inform all stakeholders better so that they can drive meaningful ROI.

If that’s not enough, we will partner with you to customize your measurement approach so that it aligns with your organization’s unique needs and priorities.

Methodology & technology

A scalable solution that combines
the best of both worlds.

Metrics That Matter combines a validated measurement methodology with powerful analytics
tools to help you evaluate and communicate the effectiveness of your learning & development
initiatives at all levels of the organization. Our team has industry-leading experience
measuring L&D effectiveness in the real world and will equip you to take action on your data.

Full Integration with L&D Landscape.

We know that technology improves efficiency. That’s why Metrics That Matter integrates with your organization’s existing enterprise software systems (LMS, HRIS, talent management suites, etc.). eliminating the error-prone manual steps involved in the learning evaluation process.

Increase efficiencies and save on L&D administrative tasks. MTM creates a scalable way to automatically collect evaluations from any learning asset throughout your entire organization. Leverage advanced business intelligence technology and proprietary benchmarks to provide insights into learning data. Automatically update and share dashboards with stakeholders so that they can manage development programs that are tied to strategic initiatives.

MTM Connect APIs

Without the ability to instantly access and control all your data, you fall behind those who can, especially if your data is siloed in disparate sources.
That’s why we built the MTM Connect APIs to keep all your systems synced, ensuring everyone is looking at the same data.

Connect learning data with
business outcomes.

Now you can pull your learning event response data from MTM, and combine them with other business data (LMS, CRM) for more in-depth analysis. With the MTM Connect OUT you can identify new insights, trends, and root causes which are impacting your training and business performance.

Reduce administrative burden
& improve data collection.

This MTM Connect IN automatically synchronizes the data between your LMS/HRIS and MTM. Classes, conferences, enrollments, assignments, and learning assets are transferred throughout the day, ensuring that last-minute changes to your learning events are reflected in MTM.

Most used features

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Proprietary methodology

Leverage data-driven insights, validated evaluation standards, deep domain expertise, and proprietary IP from a company with 18+ years of experience.

Portfolio measurement strategies

Align your learning assets with your key business value drivers and strategically deploy the appropriate evaluation plan based on your business purpose.

Scaled automation

Automatically send evaluations to participants and instructors on the day training ends, and to participants and their managers at a designated point post-training.

Standard metrics

Use a set of standard metrics that can be applied to the quality, performance, and effectiveness of your learning programs.


Apply descriptive and predictive analytical methods to quickly find meaningful patterns and insights to link learning effectiveness with business outcomes.


Use automatic, on-demand, and dynamic reports including visual dashboards of important metrics such as performance trends and predicted cost-benefit ratios.

Smartsheet evaluations

Apply scientific rigor to your evaluation forms with SmartSheets and gather the right set of metrics from all stakeholders (learners, instructors, and managers).


A true business intelligence system, MTM offers data interpretation that moves beyond statistical reporting to research-based insights.

Features spotlight

Proven methodology

A scientifically validated measurement instrument and evaluation plan, MTM includes best practice KPIs that align learning with critical business priorities to reveal the value and return on your learning investment. Leverage role-based reporting strategies specific to the needs of corporate L&D to drive decision quality and velocity.


Through its integration with your Learning Management Systems (LMS), MTM offers full automation and operates at the speed of your business. Using standard tools and efficient business rules, MTM scales to meet your organization’s unique needs with evaluations available in eighteen languages.

Advanced reporting

Ready reports

Diagnose areas of L&D with the most scrap learning, identify highest- and lowest-performing areas of your learning organization, and summarize and highlight important information for course owners to effectively manage their learning portfolios.

Interactive dashboards

A key part of your data-to-insight strategy, our new and interactive dashboards allow users to monitor KPIs that are tailored to their preferences easily. Key stakeholders can use real-time drill-down to learn what is driving a score in a particular direction.

Data explorer

Complement ready reports with a flexible and dynamic tool to explore the effectiveness of your L&D investments and predictive impact data. Conduct real-time drill-downs by course, class, and instructor to uncover under- and over-performance.

Set a new standard in measuring and evaluating your L&D programs

An estimated $145 billion is spent annually on learning & development, yet less than half of this investment results in tangible application and business impact. When it comes time to tell your organization’s L&D story, cut through the clutter and focus on what matters.

Metrics That Matter combines science, technology, and precision to ensure that your learning programs are aligned to business priorities, relevant to the learning needs of your employees, and are actually improving performance for both individuals and organization.

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Measure the effectiveness of your L&D programs.

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