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See the big picture with all feedback data in one place. Blue is built to support your most important feedback processes including course evaluations, central and major surveys, 360 degree reviews, and more.

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With Blue, once set up, it’s done.

With Blue you can fully automate your feedback gathering processes, making them more efficient. Leverage your existing infrastructure (SIS, HRIS, LMS, SSO, CRM, etc.) through Blue’s best-in-class integration capabilities for unequaled automation, top security and data privacy, and flexibility. Blue’s scalable structure will meet your evolving organizational needs while the latest accessibility standards will ensure that you deliver an equivalent experience to all.

Support data-driven decisions at all levels of your organizational hierarchy to accelerate improvement. With Blue’s robust reporting engine – which includes metadata augmentation and text mining for enriched context – you can provide the right results, in the right way, to the right stakeholders.

It doesn’t end there. A flexible API allows you to build automated bridges and transfer data to any business intelligence portal or data warehouse – so you can own your data.

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A long term partner, Explorance will take you further than anyone else. Through our culture of high engagement, we can offer you around the clock (24/7) world-class support, value-based consultancy and project management, as well as bring together a diverse community of higher education administrators and leaders to better support and shape our collective future.

Context is key

Without the right context, data can be misleading. Blue adds context to feedback data to ensure you’re supporting
the right decisions in the right way.

Through a synchronized connection with your information systems (SIS, HRIS, LMS, SSO, CRM, etc.), Blue leverages metadata and
other personalization features to ensure that every stakeholder has the information they need and the context to support decisions.

Blue feature highlights

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IT integration

Leverage existing source data and hierarchy including HRIS, SIS, LMS, ERP, CRM, portals, and other security and information systems.


Meet the latest accessibility standards for WCAG 2.1 (AA) and Section 508, and provide a seamless experience to all.

Text analytics

Tap into your qualitative data and obtain a more complete picture of stakeholder feedback.

Powerful reporting

Perform time trend analysis to compare improvement results evolution or aggregate your results by any criteria that matter (departmental, organizational, etc.).

Smart notifications

Send centralized and personalized invitations, reminders, emails, and SMS notifications to participants anytime, anywhere.


Provide forms and reports in a variety of languages as well as cultural adaptations to match audience requirements.

Cascaded evaluations

Support evaluations with hundreds of questions easily in one cascaded project.


Build evaluations around current or event based data including open evaluations, open surveys, fixed surveys, and surveys with event triggers.

Most popular solutions

Improve the teaching
and learning experience

Course Evaluations

An adaptive course evaluation solution, Blue offers you flexibility, personalization, and control when gathering student feedback. Through best-in-class integration with student information and learning management systems (SIS and LMS), Blue leverages your data to fully automate evaluation processes. Advanced functionalities are specifically designed to handle the most complex evaluations (e.g. cross-listed and team-taught courses) and help improve your response rates.

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Compelling insights for
organizational improvement

Central & major surveys

An enterprise level survey solution, Blue is built for performance so that you can reach the right people with the right questions at the right time. Fully integrating with your IT systems, Blue automates surveys of any size and offers intelligent forms (demographic piping, nested branching, smart notifications, etc.). Blue easily adapts enabling you to launch one large centralized survey or thousands of decentralized ones.

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Multi-rater feedback for
competency development assessment

360 degree feedback

Come full circle and get the complete picture on your competency development and learning programs by gathering feedback from all angles and stakeholders. Blue 360 degree feedback can adapt to your evaluation model, competency framework, and workflows. Conduct pre and post learning assessments, multi-rater feedback, self-evaluations, and more from one centralized solution.

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Automate your central and major feedback processes.

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