360 Degree Feedback

Flexible fully automated
360 degree feedback reviews

Power your skills assessment, competency assessment, and talent review processes
with Blue and connect the dots across your talent landscape.
Learn how Blue can automate your 360 degree feedback assessments.


Blue 360 degree feedback software

Implement a 360 degree feedback process with the ability to adapt to your talent strategy,
competency framework, organization structure, and workflows.

  • Automation
    Through advanced integration capabilities with your organization's HRIS, CRM, LMS, and other data sources.

  • Flexibility
    To handle your most complex 360 degree feedback use cases.

  • Analytics
    To provide powerful reports and insights to all roles and levels in your organization, quickly.

  • Efficiency
    To centralize your 360 degree evaluation process, including monitoring participation, resetting submissions, changing rater assignments, etc.

Feature highlights

Blue 360 degree feedback reviews

Download the 360 degree feedback brochure

Configurable user interface

Build assessments around your existing data, processes, and competency model.

Smart invites

Send centralized and personalized invitations and reminders to delinquent responders only.

Multilingual support

Customize content in any language through the rater selection, rating, and reporting processes.

Flexible rater assignment

Enable centralized, automated, and/or delegated rater selection and include any number or type of rater groups.

Equivalent experience

Meet the latest accessibility standards for WCAG 2.1 (AA) and Section 508, and provide a seamless experience to all.

Aggregate reporting

See the big picture by aggregating your results by any criteria that matter (departmental, organizational, etc.).

Automated evaluations

Support all your 360 degree evaluations and reporting with ad hoc selection and on-going triggers (event or demographic based).

Portal integration

Provide convenient access to Blue 360 degree feedback evaluation tasks and reports through your LMS or Portal.

Johari Window

Leverage the Johari Window approach in your reports and help your stakeholders discover behaviors that are open, blind, hidden, and unknown.

Secure access

Leverage your existing security infrastructure for seamless access to Blue (LDAP, SSO, etc.).


Want to get the most out of
your 360 degree feedback?

If implementing a 360 degree feedback process feels like a daunting task, Explorance is here for you. We have the knowledge and
support from our experts in the field who can put you on the right path to transform your collected data into actionable insights.

We can offer question items, frameworks and consultancy for you to create the optimal 360 degree feedback process.
More than just a technology, we can adapt solutions to your unique needs giving you the right plan.

  • Advanced reporting

  • Question library

  • Measurement strategies

  • Key metrics


What users are saying

The Explorance team stands out in their ability to understand customer needs and adapting to change. The partnership from this team drove tremendous impact with our organization, incorporating technical innovations that led to simplicity in access, navigation, and completion of competency assessments with nearly a 90% rate of completion amongst stakeholders. The enhanced model serves as a best practice tool to leverage in future years. Thank you team!

Danielle Marifern
Associate Marketing Director, Commercial Excellence

PPS International Limited logo

Most 360 degree feedback systems are built around the provider’s models. Blue lets you build a 360 around your own. This is a key selling point when we approach clients.

Kelly Fairbairn

Eagle's Flight logo

We have been using BLUE 360 for approximately 10 years and find the software provides a great deal of flexibility when it comes to implementing 360s…. Overall we are very satisfied with the product and the level of service provided by their help desk - we are always discovering new ways we can use the tool.

Sheila Anderson-Cousins
Director - Measurement and Communications Services

Chevron logo

We chose Explorance because of their experience in this region of the world, as well as the customization capabilities of Blue 360 degree feedback and its strong reporting features. Explorance has consistently demonstrated professional and technical capabilities assisting S-Chem with the rollout  of the 360 Feedback process.

Greg Shaffer
Learning and Development

Automate and centralize your 360 degree review process.

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