360 Degree Feedback Software

360-degree Feedback Software to
Future-proof your Organization

Blue for 360-degree feedback provides a comprehensive understanding of
skills and capabilities at every level of your organization – from individual
development to team capabilities, and organizational alignment.

Bridge the Skills Gap with Development Strategies that
Support Your Goals

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Tailor your 360-degree assessments to evaluate any skills and competencies relevant to your company’s objectives and strategic direction

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Identify gaps with a complete view of your employee strengths and areas for improvement with a 360-degree feedback software that scales

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Monitor the impact of your development strategy to bridge the gap with timely, automated assessments

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Collect Richer Insights with Flexible, Automated 360-degree Software.

  • Integrate Blue for 360-degree feedback into your existing evaluation process and automate delivery through event triggers (annual reviews, promotions, anniversaries, …) or generate on-demand assessments

  • Ensure balanced and accurate results with automated, delegated, and/or centralized rater selection to include any number or type of rater group.

  • Automatically personalize your 360-degree reviews by adjusting your strategy, list of assessed skills, and questions asked depending on employee demographic, hierarchy, tenure, and more 

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Higher Response Rates for More 360-degree Insights

  • Automatically collect more insights from assessments by informing raters through personalized invitations, reminders, emails, and SMS notifications 

  • Provide a seamless user experience and save your HR team hours of time with fully responsive surveys that can be accessed wherever your employees are working from.

  • Give everyone a voice with a solution that meets the latest accessibility and inclusion standards (WCAG 2.1 and Section 508), including end-to-end multilingual support

Accelerate Organizational Alignment with Insights Self-discovery

  • Dive into data with intuitive dashboards that facilitate self-analysis of 360-degree feedback results at the organization, team, and individual levels

  • Easily identify development opportunities with dynamic data visualization and the ability to filter by questions asked, skills evaluated, and more.

  • Bolster data-driven decision-making with automated, fully customizable reports that deliver tailored results based on roles and hierarchy

  • Automatically enrich organizational data with Blue APIs that integrate assessment results into your management system (including HRIS, LMS, and more)

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Get the Most Out of Your 360-Degree Feedback
Solution with Expert Consulting

Explorance makes implementing a 360-degree feedback process easier than ever, with knowledgeable experts ready to help you
transform your collected data into actionable insights.
We can offer question items, frameworks, and consultancy for you to create the optimal 360-degree feedback process.
More than just technology, we can adapt solutions to your unique needs giving you the right plan.

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What users are saying

PPS International Limited logo

Most 360 degree feedback systems are built around the provider’s models. Blue lets you build a 360 around your own. This is a key selling point when we approach clients.

Kelly Fairbairn

Eagle's Flight logo

We have been using BLUE 360 for approximately 10 years and find the software provides a great deal of flexibility when it comes to implementing 360s…. Overall we are very satisfied with the product and the level of service provided by their help desk - we are always discovering new ways we can use the tool.

Sheila Anderson-Cousins
Director - Measurement and Communications Services

The Explorance team stands out in their ability to understand customer needs and adapting to change. The partnership from this team drove tremendous impact with our organization, incorporating technical innovations that led to simplicity in access, navigation, and completion of competency assessments with nearly a 90% rate of completion amongst stakeholders. The enhanced model serves as a best practice tool to leverage in future years. Thank you team!

Danielle Marifern
Associate Marketing Director, Commercial Excellence

Automate and centralize your 360 degree review process.

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