Blue 360 degree feedback software is purpose-built for

  • automation
    Through advanced integration capabilities with your organization's HRIS, ERP, CRM, and other data sources.

  • flexibility
    To handle your most complex 360 degree feedback use cases.

  • analytics
    To provide powerful reports and insights and fuel competency development within all ranks of your organization.

  • efficiency
    To centralize your 360 degree evaluation process, including monitoring evolution, resetting submissions, changing rater assignments, etc.


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Feature highlights

Blue 360 degree reviews

Configurable user interface

Build assessments around your existing data, processes, and competency model.

Deployment options

Acquire Blue 360 as a vendor hosted offering or install it onsite.

Multilingual support

Customize content in any language through the rater selection, rating, and reporting processes.

Flexible rater assignment

Enable centralized, automated, and/or delegated rater selection and include any number or type of rater groups.

Equivalent experience

Meet the latest accessibility standards for WCAG 2.1 (AA) and Section 508, and provide a seamless experience to all.

Comparative reporting

Validate the effectiveness of your learning and development programs with pre-post analysis and reporting.

Automated evaluations

Support all your 360 degree evaluations and reporting with ad hoc selection and on-going triggers (event or demographic based).

Portal integration

Provide convenient access to Blue 360 degree feedback evaluation tasks and reports through your LMS or Portal.

Aggregate reporting

See the big picture by aggregating your results by any criteria that matters (departmental, organizational, etc.).

Smart invites

Send centralized and personalized invitations and reminders to delinquent responders only.

Secure access

Leverage your existing security infrastructure for seamless access to Blue (LDAP, SSO, etc.).

Johari Window

Leverage the Johari Window approach in your reports and help your stakeholders discover behaviors that are open, blind, hidden, and unknown.

Power your 360 degree reviews with a best-in-class software.

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