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Explorance World 2024 Kicks off With Major AI and Feedback Analytics Innovations to Enhance Performance in Higher Education and Enterprise

Montreal, Quebec – July 7, 2024 – Explorance, the leader in feedback analytics solutions, is unveiling advancements across its suite of offerings today. These three announcements mark a pivotal milestone in the organization’s journey, coinciding with the kickoff of Explorance World 2024—a three-day conference bringing together leaders in Higher Education, Human Resources, and Learning & Development to drive progress and transformative change.

Founder and CEO of Explorance, Samer Saab, opened the conference by sharing three new innovations, underscoring Explorance’s commitment to supporting organizations through leveraging feedback and accelerating the insight-to-action cycle. “Our theme for the first-ever Explorance World is Feedback for the Brave,” says Samer Saab. “At Explorance, we are proud to provide our clients with solutions that allow them to create safe spaces for dialogue and ultimately partake in more courageous conversations and actions that can advance our society.”

Disruptions in Feedback Analytics Include :

Explorance Blue: The Next-generation Feedback Analytics Platform Offers Continuous Insights for All Key Stakeholders

Explorance Blue, a catalyst of data-driven decision-making, revolutionizes data collection by equipping organizations with the ability to listen and promptly act on collected feedback. The latest improvement of Blue further enhances the shift from passive data accumulation to active engagement so organizations can continue working to close the listening gap and take action to enact more meaningful change.

OpusVi, a healthcare workforce development solutions provider that enables healthcare systems and organizations to upskill top talent, chose Explorance Blue to support its Nurse Residency program in enhancing nurse retention, reducing turnover costs, and improving nurse well-being to ensure quality patient care. With over 40 touch points across 12 months, Blue’s unparalleled flexibility enables effective program engagement tracking, providing leaders with the highest quality insights. As a result, the program retention rate reached 90% compared to its previous average of 50%, achieving unprecedented success and resulting in substantial cost savings from reduced turnover.

Explorance Mly: Award-winning AI-powered Qualitative Analysis Amplifies Voice of the Employee and Student

AI-powered qualitative analysis solution Explorance MLY continues to see major enhancements to its machine learning models. MLY now revolutionizes how comments are categorized, ensuring that the feedback analysis remains current and comprehensive, capturing a wider range of sentiments and recommendations. In addition, a complete redesign of the MLY dashboard creation allows organizations to completely customize insights per role, empowering each stakeholder with actionable insights to optimize student and employee experiences.

The University of Newcastle, an Explorance Blue client since 2011, adopted a new qualitative feedback model in 2020. With over 37,000 students, managing abundant data prompted the university to leverage Explorance MLY. According to Meagan Morrissey, Manager of Student and Staff Insights, “MLY now processes our workload in minutes instead of months.” This capability enables swift categorization and analysis of unstructured student comments, fostering more authentic insights and increasing engagement among staff and students.

MTM Integrates Explorance AI-powered Mly to Provide a Comprehensive Learning Analysis

Explorance MLY is also now available in the Learning Measurement solution Metrics That Matter (MTM), combining qualitative and quantitative data in a customizable dashboard to provide comprehensive learning analysis. “Making the connection between structured data and using text analytics to help you understand what’s underneath it, that’s where you can get real power,” says Duane Draper, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft and MLY client.

This innovation marks a significant milestone for Explorance in empowering its clients with actionable insights. MLY integrated with MTM provides organizations with data analysis and a transformative roadmap for growth leading to employee or student performance enhancement and retention.

Guests at Explorance World will have the exclusive opportunity to participate in hands-on demos at the Technology Zone, where they can experience the capabilities of Explorance’s latest innovations firsthand. Additionally, customers will showcase their successful implementations of Explorance solutions, highlighting real-world applications and demonstrating the transformative impact on organizational performance and growth.

Finally, Explorance is excited to announce its recent appointment of Zelbrey Bedard as Chief Product Officer. With more than 17 years of experience developing product roadmaps that deliver meaningful impact to customers worldwide, Zelbrey’s expertise will continue to play a critical role in driving continuous innovation at Explorance.

Visit explorance.com to learn more about Explorance, its products, and its mission to empower organizational success by harnessing feedback as a catalyst for growth, impact, and purposeful achievement.

About Explorance

Explorance empowers organizations with next-generation feedback analytics to accelerate the insight-to-action cycle, encouraging the philosophy of “Feedback for the brave” to drive purpose, impact, and growth.

Bringing 20 years of expertise, Explorance, a member of the World Economic Forum and a trusted partner for 35% of Fortune 100 companies and 35% of the world’s top higher education institutions, has influenced over 25 million individuals with award-winning solutions like Blue, Metrics That Matter, and MLY.

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