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George Mason University to Boost Student Engagement with Bluepulse

Montreal, Canada – November 26, 2015 – Building on eXplorance’s strong presence in the Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland region, George Mason University (GMU) has selected Bluepulse to help students connect with their instructors in order to achieve teaching and learning excellence.

After a year of product evaluation led by the Online Learning Resources Center, GMU is implementing Bluepulse as a formative feedback tool. The university’s goal is to measure the engagement of students using the social feedback platform versus those who are not. With Bluepulse, students will be able to start connecting with their instructors at the beginning of the semester, setting them up for success from day one. Faculty members can also broadcast vital information to the entire class via one efficient system. Historically, this would have been done by email or other systems that required additional faculty resources.

Using Bluepulse, the university will track improvement by gathering daily student insights that can be used to continuously improve. By listening to student feedback on an ongoing basis, instructors can introduce new improvement opportunities or revisit old ones, obtaining better end-of-term course evaluation results. A comparative analysis will be carried out to determine how using Bluepulse has affected student engagement, success, and retention, as well as faculty development and improvement.

Originally a branch of the University of Virginia, George Mason University became its own institution in 1972. Now one of largest residential campuses in the Commonwealth of Virginia, GMU offers more than 200 innovative academic degrees, minors, and certificates to help prepare its students for 21st century careers. The university ranked #135 on the 2016 National Universities Best Colleges category. In recent years, two of GMU’s faculty members have won the Nobel Prize in economics, and alumni include former heads of the U.S. Treasury and the SEC.


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