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The genesis of
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Tap into the steady ‘pulse’ of organizational feedback. Through Bluepulse, you can use live social feedback and analytics to drive stakeholder success, professional development, and continuously improve services.

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Bring feedback
into the moment.

We live in a fast moving world where people rely on data to make swift decisions. In this age of technology, competition is fierce and people expect the tools they use to be better connected, better performing, and able to adapt to this new social-driven culture as it evolves.

The real value of feedback data is to help us improve what we do. No matter what role you play in your organization, the feedback you gather should be delivered in the moment you need it to help you maximize on opportunities.

This is why Explorance brings you Bluepulse, a social-based, mobile-first solution that puts improvement at the fingertips of everyone within your organization (employees, customers, students, etc.). Through the Bluepulse app (iOS and Android) or LMS/portal integration you can check in, give feedback, or share information with everyone at the right moment for faster outcomes.

Secure and confidential, Bluepulse facilitates two-way communication helping everyone get the data they need to improve, learn, and develop. The latest accessibility standards will ensure that you provide an equivalent user experience anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

The 3 Facets of the Reimagined
Organizational Experience

Teaching and

Guide improvements in instruction and student learning.

Are you an education institution looking to optimize the teaching and learning experience? With Bluepulse you can strengthen the instructor and student relationship by making it easy for them to communicate candidly - ensuring that no one is left behind. Through direct, indirect, and recurring check-ins, instructors get the insights they need to facilitate a more adaptive teaching style and tailor course delivery to optimize learning for each student.

Empower your students to get involved in the continuous improvement cycle by providing direct evidence of what their feedback can do to the specific curriculum they are taught. Through Bluepulse live formative feedback, students will be active partners in shaping the classroom experience. Additionally, they’ll be more likely to engage with other feedback processes helping drive response rates on end-of-term course evaluations.

Leverage your existing IT ecosystems (LMS, portals, etc.) through Bluepulse’s best-in-class integration capabilities for a seamless experience. With the user-friendly Bluepulse app option (IOS, Android) your students and instructors can stay connected anytime, anywhere.


Help stakeholders meet their personal goals and objectives.

With Bluepulse it’s never been easier for everyone within an organization to know whether they are on track or not. Improve your skills by focusing on areas that you or your colleagues have deemed relevant for your professional development.

Ask questions that relate to specific competencies that need developing, make data driven behavioral adjustments, and set up spot checks to capture any changes and evolution.

At the heart of continuous improvement are fundamental competencies such as communication, team work, and leadership. A two-way communication channel, Bluepulse provides a safe place where you and your colleagues can be candid at any time about anything from day one.


Increase stakeholder satisfaction through ever-enhancing services.

How do your stakeholders (customers, employees, students, etc.) feel about the services you provide? Are they continuously improving to meet their evolving needs?

Using Bluepulse, you can elevate their experience with your services by opening the door to two-way communication. Get an accurate and actionable view of any issues in the moment and take advantage of opportunities. Make services more meaningful to everyone by asking questions, getting feedback, and sharing information.

With the Bluepulse mobile app, you can engage with everyone where they are and how they want. Got news? Quickly and easily share updates, information, and thoughts directly. Better yet, anyone can respond and follow up from their phones, anytime and anywhere.

Leverage in-the-moment data to drive
continuous improvement.

Bluepulse allows you to focus beyond retention and recruitment, beyond satisfaction and engagement. When organizations implement Bluepulse, the result is
real-time learning analytics that they can use to quickly identify trouble spots and provide effective interventions right at the point of need.

Through seamless integration with your information systems, Single Sign-On, and the mobile app option, Bluepulse puts the data you need
to improve right at your fingertips.

Bluepulse feature highlights

Mobile first

Anyone can candidly answer polls, questions, and offer instant feedback with the easy to use Bluepulse app.

Give feedback

Anyone can give confidential or open feedback about their experience with your services.


Share information with your employees, customers, students, and other stakeholders to keep them up to date.


Encourage constructive feedback with Bluepulse's promise of confidentiality in any conversation when it is needed.


Reach your stakeholders anytime, anywhere, anyhow with the Bluepulse app, email notifications, and through your LMS or portal.


Service administrators and managers can track improvement progress and key success indicators of the departments or entire organization.


Leverage your LMS and portal for a fully embedded feedback channel; your SIS, ERP, and CRM for data synchronization and enhanced analytics, as well as top security and confidentiality.

Two-way communication

Open a candid two-way communication channel with your employees and customers about all aspects of their journey with your organization.


Lighten the feedback experience by enabling high level engagement components in Bluepulse (likes, useful, share, etc.).

Check ins

Capture the insights you need to improve customer success, employee professional development, and organizational services by checking in at any time.


Bluepulse is equivalent experience certified and fully compliant with the latest accessibility standards including WCAG 2.0 (AA) and ADA Section 508.


Give a voice to everyone in your diverse stakeholder population (employees, customers, students) through an equal mobile experience and promise of confidentiality.

Common Stories

What’s cool about Bluepulse?

Bluepulse two-way communication on mobile screenshot

Two-way communication

Bluepulse gives your instructors and students a safe place where they can communicate candidly throughout the semester. Students can say what’s on their minds anytime anywhere, letting instructors know whether they are on track or not.

Bluepulse pulse surveys screenshot

Pulse surveys

Bluepulse allows your organization to gather instant feedback from employees ensuring that their voices are heard and used to improve your services and offerings.

Bluepulse for professional development screenshot

Professional development

Managers can take charge of their own professional development by leveraging the recurrence feature in Bluepulse to gather the feedback they need for improvement.

Implement active and constant listening at your organization.

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