The Continuous Listening Platform

What if everything you need to allow meaningful connections with all your people can be
found in one place? Don’t jump through apps. Flip for phone numbers. Scroll for emails. Bluepulse
allows you to easily connect with everyone across your entire network in real-time.

The future of connectivity.

Bluepulse offers something that no one has experienced anywhere else.

  • Check-in

    Capture the insights you need to improve by checking in when it matters most.

  • Follow up

    Qualify the feedback you’re receiving with an open communication channel.

  • Improve

    Track improvement progress and key success indicators to make informed decisions.

Monitor feedback.

Don’t wait for predetermined intervals to check in with everyone in your organization. Bluepulse is a continuous listening platform that is fluid, where feedback and meaningful information can be easily exchanged and discussed. That means you can be alerted to an opportunity to improve or resolve issues promptly. With Bluepulse, you can be more proactive and less reactive to situations - leaving nothing and no one behind.

Understand how your people are feeling.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Engage with everyone across your organization and find out what can be done to make them feel more comfortable. Bluepulse integrates with your key IT systems and gives everyone a voice. Information can be confidential when necessary providing an open and safe place for learning, development, and personal growth.

  • Want to know if students are satisfied with office hours?

  • Are employees satisfied with the benefits you offer?

  • What new skills are employees interested in learning?

Check-in with Bluepulse and get everyone’s feedback when it matters most!

  • Connect at every stage.

  • From Application to Graduation

    Connect with your students throughout their educational experience.

    Go beyond the basic classroom. More than 80% of learning nowadays happens outside of the classroom. Start connecting with prospective students from the moment they apply to join your institution. Strengthen the relationship between students and your institution by making it easy for them to communicate candidly. Close the feedback loop swiftly and ensure that no one is left behind.

    Bluepulse is all about student inclusion and engagement. Through direct, indirect, and recurring check-ins, your institution’s academic leaders, campus administrators, and instructors can get the insights they need to make impactful changes throughout a student’s academic life.

  • From Hire to Retire

    Connect with all your employees throughout your organization.

    Reach everyone in your organization. One of the advantages of a software like Bluepulse is that everyone can connect with anyone in an easy manner. The problem with conventional instant messengers or email is that it’s easy to get lost in the message chain if you don’t read every single response.

    With Bluepulse, it’s possible to send out an organization-wide message and then interact with those who respond. This means that day by day or week by week, it’s possible to connect with anyone and not get bogged down with clutter, allowing you to touch base at every facet of an employee’s journey.

  • Digital Experience

    Evolve your digital assets by connecting directly with your users.

    People interact way more with technologies today than they do with other people. That’s why it has become imperative to ensure that the digital space where your people spend most of their time is continuously optimized to ensure a seamless and engaging experience for all. Bluepulse is a platform that can help you enhance your enterprise assets, including your portals, LMS, CRM, and most popular applications. Bluepulse plugins and listening tools can be integrated where it matters most in your digital space, augmenting the experience for your end-users. More importantly, it allows your organization’s people and product leaders to maintain open two-way communication channels when and as needed.

    With Bluepulse, you no longer have to make decisions in the blind about your key enterprise IT assets. The right stakeholders within your organization will always have the analytics they need at their fingertips to make life in the digital space better for all.

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Bluepulse feature highlights

Mobile first

Anyone can candidly answer polls, questions, and offer instant feedback with the easy to use Bluepulse app.


Encourage constructive feedback with Bluepulse's promise of confidentiality in any conversation when it is needed.


Leverage your LMS and portal for a fully embedded feedback channel; your SIS, ERP, and CRM for data synchronization and enhanced analytics, as well as top security and confidentiality.


Lighten the feedback experience by enabling high level engagement components in Bluepulse (likes, useful, share, etc.).


Reach your stakeholders anytime, anywhere, anyhow with the Bluepulse app, email notifications, and through your LMS or portal.

Share and discuss

Increase engagement on shared content with the ability for others to leave comments and further interact through discussion channels.


Service administrators and managers can track improvement progress and key success indicators of the departments or entire organization.


Bluepulse is equivalent experience certified and fully compliant with the latest accessibility standards including WCAG 2.1 (AA) and ADA Section 508.

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