Continuous Listening

Always-on 2-way communication
channel to connect with your students

Easily facilitate feedback in the moment on-demand with Bluepulse.


Enhance the student experience

Be proactive

What is always-on?

It means you don’t have to wait for an event or a predetermined time interval to hear the needs of your students in the classroom or across campus.

Forge a strong connection amongst your students no matter where they are at your institution. For example, when a new Wi-Fi network is set up, an IT administrator might like to know how it is working. They can reach out through Bluepulse and collect responses in real-time. Target specific respondents with follow-ups to ensure that you are creating the best experience.

Track analytics

Why not just send out an email?

The answer is simple. There’s no data tracking through email. Would you rather read everyone’s response or have an aggregate score of your respondents that allows you to see trends and breakdowns by segment? That’s the advantage of continuous listening. It’s tangible results you can easily visualize, build on, and can refer to for any of your initiatives at your institutions.

Fill in gaps

Create connections between your students

Support those students in need across your institution. The student experience doesn’t begin and end in the classroom. There are a whole host of interactions and learning opportunities that exist across campus. Bluepulse allows you to connect the different areas so you can enhance the student experience positively. A disconnect can arise for students if there is no way to capture those in-between moments effectively. Eliminate this gap and provide a venue where they will be heard with continuous listening.

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Feature highlights

Continuous Listening with Bluepulse

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Ask and answer questions, self-assess, and offer instant feedback from their mobile.


Track progress throughout the learning experience in order to understand what is working.


Ask questions to capture the insights you need to improve by checking in at any time.


Lighten the feedback experience by enabling engaging interaction components in Bluepulse (useful, share, etc.).

Give feedback

Give confidential feedback at any time and about anything.

Share and discuss

Increase engagement on shared content with the ability for others to leave comments and further interact through discussion channels.


Encourage constructive feedback with Bluepulse’s promise of confidentiality and privacy.

LMS & security integration

Offer a better LMS experience with a fully embedded feedback channel as well as enhanced learning analytics capabilities.


Bluepulse is equivalent experience certified and fully compliant with the latest accessibility standards including WCAG 2.1 (AA) and ADA Section 508.


Reach your students anytime, anywhere with the Bluepulse app, email notifications, and through your LMS or portal.


What users are saying

RMIT university logo

By facilitating direct communication between teachers and students and providing accessible data, Bluepulse enables instructors to better understand and address students’ expectations.

Geoffrey Crisp
Dean of Learning and Teaching, Academic Portfolio

University of Louisville logo

Bluepulse gives a voice to students who may not feel comfortable speaking up in class or providing face to face feedback to the instructor. The application is mobile device compatible so both faculty and students have the ability to remain engaged at any time throughout the semester. (…)

Becky Patterson
Exec. Director, Institutional Research & Planning

university of Mary Washington logo

Bluepulse has definitely reduced the number of surprises we see at the end of semester on course evaluations. It provides real data that faculty can use for their own professional development in addition to their pedagogical improvement.

Taiwo Ande
Assistant Provost for Institutional Analysis and Effectiveness

Washtenaw community college logo

Student engagement through formative evaluation is an imperative component to retention and success. Receiving in-time feedback with the freedom of anonymity generates pedagogically meaningful relationships between the faculty and student. Bluepulse 2, by Explorance, is the answer for our institution.

Peter A Baccile
Senior Director for Online Learning

Connect with students across the educational experience.

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