4 Ways Continuous Feedback Can Benefit Your Company

Written by Chanel M. Sutherland.

Continuous feedback is essential for any progressive workplace. Many companies, including Explorance, are recognizing the benefits of having an ongoing feedback system rather than the traditional once-a-year evaluation. When done correctly regular feedback can help you create an improvement-driven culture that is proactive and predictive. As a follow-up to our last blog 5 Tips for Creating a Workplace Culture Your Employees Will Love we look at four ways continuous feedback can benefit your company.

  1. Improve employee engagement and job satisfaction:

    Trust us, your employees want to know how they’re doing. Continuous feedback is a great way to keep them motivated and engaged. By providing them with ongoing information – good and constructive – about their performance you are inspiring your employees to challenge themselves. This can lead to increased job satisfaction and renewed enthusiasm for their work, which ultimately helps the company’s bottom line.

    Whether by surveys, discussion panels, live formative feedback, or 360 degree reviews, asking for their opinion shows that you value their input and consider it an important part of your process. This can go a long way in boosting employee morale.

  2. Identify potential problems:

    The modern day workplace is a fast-paced, high pressure, constantly changing activity hub. Employees are doing multiple and simultaneous jobs, often across departments and even time zones. The potential for miscommunication or other work-related problems is high. Continuous feedback can help you identify problems before they affect performance. Using employee input, you can discover potential ‘blind spots’ and proactively take actions to prevent them.

  3. Align employees with company strategy:

    Aligning your employees with the company’s strategy is one of the most important things you can do. Without this alignment, their efforts are unfocused and the results will not meet expectations. Gathering regular feedback will help you identify employees who are unclear about what the strategy is. This will allow you to prioritize their projects based on what is important, essentially setting them up for success.

  4. Maintain a positive environment:

    Continuous feedback is a critical factor in creating an engaging and enjoyable workplace. When people are comfortable giving and receiving feedback, everyone grows. Having open dialogue on an ongoing basis will result in employees who are empowered, fulfilled, and most important – less stressed. They’ll feel good about coming to work and will perform better.

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