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With Bluepulse you can enhance

teaching effectiveness

By focusing on the Start-Stop-Continue approach, Bluepulse helps you meet your personal teaching goals and objectives.

  • Conduct continual check-ins with students at a recurring frequency of your choice.

  • Use root cause analysis to dig deeper to diagnose and improve student learning.

  • Perform spot checks in order to understand changes and adaptations.

  • Use the data to monitor improvement over time.

student learning

By tailoring course delivery to optimize learning for each student, live formative feedback helps facilitate a more adaptive learning style.

  • Utilize spot checks throughout the semester for self-assessment and direct assessment.

  • Follow-up with students who are facing difficulties in the learning process.

  • Support at-risk students by narrowing the focus ensuring that no one is left behind.

student engagement

In class or on-the-go, Bluepulse makes it easy for your students to give feedback at any time during the semester.

  • Students voice their feedback in a confidential setting.

  • Enables you to acknowledge, follow-up, and reflect on student feedback as needed.

  • Opens a two-way channel where you and your students can communicate at any time about anything.

  • Instills a culture of continuous improvement through feedback.

  • Takes learning beyond the classroom and continuously engages student.


The Bluepulse mission is to make sure that no one is left behind in the learning process. Through the latest accessibility standards, mobile applications, and promise of confidentiality, Bluepulse gives a voice to everyone in your diverse learning population.

Leverage Bluepulse institution-wide (services, personal development, peer reviews, etc.) to help build a culture of continuous improvement.


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Feature highlights

Bluepulse live formative feedback


Students can ask and answer questions, self-assess, and offer instant feedback from their mobile.


Lighten the feedback experience by enabling engaging interaction components in Bluepulse (useful, share, etc.).


Ask questions to capture the insights you need to improve by checking in with students at any time.


Encourage constructive feedback with Bluepulse’s promise of confidentiality and privacy in the instructor-student conversation.

Share and discuss

Increase engagement on shared content with the ability for others to leave comments and further interact through discussions channels.


Leverage Bluepulse to facilitate feedback and communication within student cohorts and teams at your institution.


Track progress throughout the learning experience in order to understand what is working.

To-do list

Add essential Bluepulse actions in a personalized to-do list (available for instructors and students).

Give feedback

Students can give confidential feedback to instructors at any time and about anything.


Reach your students anytime, anywhere with the Bluepulse app, email notifications, and through your LMS.

LMS & security integration

Offer a better LMS experience with a fully embedded feedback channel as well as enhanced learning analytics capabilities.


Bluepulse is equivalent experience certified and fully compliant with the latest standards including WCAG 2.1 (AA) and Section 508 of ADA.

Connect your students and teachers with ongoing feedback.

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