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5 Tips for Creating a Workplace Culture Your Employees Will Love

What makes a great workplace culture? While the answer may vary from company to company, at Explorance we believe that a great workplace culture is one that inspires trust, respect, and shared values. Last week, the Great Place to Work® institute revealed the 2016 Best Workplaces in Canada. Although no two companies were exactly alike, there were some clear similarities in the work cultures of those that made the list.  In this post we look at five tips that will help you create a workplace culture your employees will love.

1) Offer Benefits that Fit: Your employees are your first and most loyal customers. Today, workers spend more time at the workplace than they do at their own homes. To perform their best, employees need to know that they are being taken care of. Offer a benefit package that will help them and their families. A strong package will assist in improving their financial security, health, and well-being. This might include a company match RRSP, a gym membership, and an employee assistance program. Whatever you choose, make sure that the offers are relevant to your employees’ lifestyle.

2) Create an Enjoyable Workspace: Your workspace reflects your culture. That’s why it’s important that you create an environment that all employees can enjoy. The more comfortable they are at work, the more they’ll want to be there. Some ways to create a fun workplace can include: adding a game room, a full kitchen, ergonomic furniture, sleeping nooks, lots of windows, proper lighting, and casual conference spots.

3) Provide Employee Development: In our last blog we looked at the 5 Corporate Training Programs Every Employee Should Take.  Employee training and development should be a central part of your corporate strategy because when your employees learn, your business also learns. The twenty-first century marketplace is ever-evolving and if your employees aren’t properly trained your business will lose its competitive edge.

4) Ensure Transparency: A culture that embraces transparency will benefit from employees that are far more engaged. When leaders are transparent about the current health and future goals of the company, employees will have a better understanding of their role within the bigger picture. This can lead to innovative solutions and problem-solving. The key is for managers to be open and honest with their team. You should also promote a culture of continuous improvement where it's common practice for everyone to give and receive feedback.

5) Trust Your People: You hired them, now trust them to do their jobs. Trusted employees are happy employees, and happy employees are far more productive. They are more likely to stay late when it’s necessary, collaborate with others, and go above and beyond their responsibilities. When you trust your people, they become loyal to your brand and can be your biggest advocates.

This year, Explorance was listed as one of the Best Workplaces in Canada for the third consecutive year. Read the press release here.

What are some other ways that you can create a great workplace culture? Please share your tips below! 

Chanel M. Sutherland
Marketing Content Specialist, Explorance

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