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How to Develop Immunity to The Great Resignation in 2022 – Explorance CEO Samer Saab on

Montreal, Quebec – January 13, 2022 – Explorance CEO Samer Saab has contributed to a recent feature on how to develop an organizational immunity to The Great Resignation – the ongoing turnover and recruitment challenges that are confronting organizations everywhere. 

In conversation with Forbes contributor Gary Drenik, Samer outlined how the overall experience of being part of an organization is what employees are evaluating.

As a result, the failure to identify and then act on needs and concerns via feedback can lead to negative experiences. These can then lead to the loss of talented or experienced employees. 

As we enter a new year, Samer notes how the commitment to utilizing feedback should no longer be treated as an annual necessity, but an ongoing priority. “Managing that experience can’t be a once-a-year event, like an enterprise survey, or a performance evaluation,” explains Samer. “It must be an ongoing process that creates dialogue and an actionable feedback loop between the employer and the employee.” 

Read the article in full below to learn how organizations can adopt policies to negate the impact of The Great Resignation. 

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At Explorance, each experience matters. Through best-in-class Experience Management (XM) solutions for employees and Higher Education students, Explorance empowers organizations to make personalized and impactful decisions with feedback data. Through its offerings; BlueMLMetrics That Matter (MTM)BlueX and Blue, Explorance supports the lifelong learner journey and helps organizations to make the best possible data-driven decisions.


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