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BlueX puts the power of survey creation into the hands of anyone

Creating surveys should be simple, but they rarely are. That’s why we built BlueX, a free-form survey tool that enables anyone within your organization to gather the feedback they need without any learning curve requirements.

We went beyond the drag-and-drop functionality of the past to bring you customization that is expected in today’s world. The ease of select-and-move gives you the freedom to design your survey exactly the way you want. With a highly user-friendly and accessible environment anyone can leverage a wide range of advanced survey features, custom templates, and question types.

With BlueX, there’s no need to be a survey or technology expert. You don’t even need to know the software. BlueX will handle the most complex or simplest survey scenarios allowing anyone to gather the feedback they need without limitations.

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Free-form Editor

Why must every survey be built on the foundation that each section is defined by blocks? After some reflection and over 15 years of experience in the survey building industry, Explorance brings you a software that is familiar, fast, and easy to use.

Surveys are becoming a widely used tool and organizations should not have to pay extra for learning curves or allocate limited administration resources. With BlueX, anyone can easily create surveys in minutes with an intuitive free-form editor, taxing your other resources as little as possible.

100% unbinded process

How many times have you created and distributed a survey only to have the report say you did not ask the questions the right way?

Unlike other software solutions, BlueX does not require you to know about surveys but it allows you to easily create questions and analyze the results any way you want. This is the BlueX advantage. It focuses on unbinding the three main components of survey design - how you ask the questions, how you capture the data, and how you analyze/report the results - so that you can focus on what you need to achieve in the moment.

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Unmatched flexibility


We built BlueX with one thing in mind; that people should not have to adapt to technology or learn new systems. Now you can experience a survey software that is familiar without any training requirements.

  • No need to be an expert to build an advanced survey

  • Simple user interface; what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)

  • Similar to popular word processing and blogging software

  • Easy-to-use, no learning curve or training needed

  • Intuitive, convenient, and fun


BlueX is the opposite of frustrating. This is a survey software that delivers an experience that no one else is offering, and achieves it in the most convenient way.

  • Question types that are interchangeable

  • Smart tables that allow you to build very advanced questions

  • Natural support for alternative paths based on demographic data (forking)

  • Apply conditional logic on all possible survey actions including branching, piping, randomizing, repeatable questions, and A/B testing

  • Built to support you to make the right decisions and not to make mistakes


We’ve optimized every small detail to bring you a survey tool that will make your life easier and your work more delightful. Capture the insights you need and give your audience a survey experience that they will love to interact with.

  • Design on your desktop and the system will automatically render to mobile, tablet, screen reader, and other devices

  • Smart controls that support your decisions. E.g. Drag a ‘comment’ question below text and it automatically opens into a comment box

  • Automatic survey templates so you don’t have to worry about design

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BlueX feature highlights

Single sign-on

Connect with your other systems for single sign-on access to unify the experience for survey authors.


Leverage existing source data including excel, CSV, and through APl when sending out surveys.


Meet the latest accessibility standards for WCAG 2.0 (AA) and Section 508, and provide a seamless experience to all.

Free form editor

Use a tool tab that is familiar and consistent across the most popular applications that you use every day.

Rich question types

Use choice-based, numeric, comment, date, Likert scale, and other typical question types.

Smart questions

Add advanced question types with ease including ranking, constant sum, smart tables, and more.

Advanced logic

Enhanced survey logic with conditional branching, piping, randomization, repeating questions, A/B testing, and more.

Automatic rendering

BlueX is fully adaptable to any device (desktop, mobile, tablet, screen reader).

Flexible layout

Leverage fresh and modern pre-built templates to create the most complex or simplest surveys.

Powerful publishing features

Supports anonymous, public, private, and recurring surveys.

Optimized fill out experience

Convenient features such as save & continue, progress bar, and review before submitting - in a responsive setting.

Edit surveys anytime

Make any changes to surveys after they are published without impacting the validity of your results.

Power your organization with adhoc surveys.

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