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How Employee Feedback Contributes to Business Growth – Explorance CEO Samer Saab on

Montreal, Quebec – January 11, 2022 – Explorance CEO Samer Saab has contributed to a recently published feature that focused on the ongoing need to both retain and attract talent in the  challenging global business environment.

This article, entitled ‘3 Ways Listening To Employee Feedback Can Contribute To Business Growth’, was written by Forbes contributor Benjamin Laker. 

Understanding Employee Needs and Expectations

In this article, Samer commented on how employers continue to be buffeted by high turnover and recruitment difficulties, as precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, but continue to miss opportunities to use employee feedback to improve their offering. 

A recent poll published by Explorance indicates that this challenging period, dubbed ‘The Great Resignation’, ‘Big Quit’, or ‘The Great Renegotiation’, has seen up to 41% of workers in the US seek out a new role. Key to this, Explorance’s research has indicated that almost half (45%) of respondents consider their feedback to be undervalued and unheeded by employers. Samer identifies this as a key issue that businesses must address. 

“Employee feedback, especially open-ended responses to survey questions, has been neglected for years. Still, it is the single best source for understanding not only your employees’ needs but their expectations. Listening to their feedback and acting on it is key to engaging and retaining them.” 

“You don’t wait until you blow a tire to realize it’s time to make a change,” notes Samer. “You have to be proactive and have measures in place to address problems before they become critical issues.”

The article goes on to define how employers can adopt a set of practical measures to tackle these challenges.

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About Explorance

At Explorance, each experience matters. Through best-in-class Experience Management (XM) solutions for employees and Higher Education students, Explorance empowers organizations to make personalized and impactful decisions with feedback data. Through its offerings; BlueMLMetrics That Matter (MTM)BlueX and Blue, Explorance supports the lifelong learner journey and helps organizations to make the best possible data-driven decisions.


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