Module Evaluation in a National Lockdown

What do students really think of universities’ approaches to gathering their views on teaching and learning?

Fanni Zombor, Vice President Engagement, Open University Students Association
Alexander Hedlund, Vice President Education, Heriot-Watt University Student Union
Niamh Moore, Education President, St Mary’s Students’ Union

Explorance published a timely eBook in November 2020 entitled “Engaging the student voice in our ‘new normal’: How are universities planning to capture, and act upon, feedback from students in 2020-21.” Reflecting the feedback strategies of leaders in higher education institutions, this can be downloaded here.

Since then, the decision was made to carry out even more focused research, consulting UK and Irish student union officials who are tasked with representing the student voice – delving into their views on feedback collection and course/module evaluation. This was to concentrate on the efficacy of these efforts, and how well the student experience was being addressed during the first semester of 2020-2021 as the impact of Covid continued to ripple through Higher Education institutions. This webinar shares direct insights from this new research for the first time, with the compete “Module Evaluation in a Pandemic…” report available for download via the link below.


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