How can effective student feedback help universities to survive and thrive in the next academic year?

Dr. Harriet Morris-Dunbar | University of Portsmouth
Dr. Joanna Hendy | Cardiff Metropolitan University
Prof. Michael Wilson | Zayed University

With some universities already committing to online lectures only for 2020-21, and others advocating blended approaches to teaching and learning, Higher Education institutions are reflecting on their responses to Covid-19 and developing plans for the next academic year. For many, the shift from emergency transition to online learning to now developing fully established online programmes brings obvious challenges in terms of student engagement and student satisfaction. Institutions need to ensure quality of provision and that this is continually informed by the student voice. How student voice is captured during the next academic year, especially given the likelihood of less face-to-face time, is going to be critical. In response, we have pulled together an expert panel to allow anyone with an interest in student voice, student satisfaction and student engagement to hear from leading Higher Education professionals who are gearing up to this challenge. Delegates on the webinar will have the opportunity to pose questions, and share best practice themselves, in an interactive session.


Topics to be covered include:

  • Is student evaluation still as important, and what does this look like in the ‘new normal’?
  • How are universities developing their student feedback mechanisms to reflect what the next academic year is really going to be like?
  • What are the new, and emerging opportunities, for capturing student feedback?
  • Is it possible to engage the dis-engaged and traditionally harder-to-reach groups?
  • How are academic and professional teams being supported to deliver this agenda?

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