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Many challenges exist in higher education due to ever-changing government regulations, an increasingly competitive landscape, and the digitization of the economy. The focus on student success and other key indicators such as first-year retention, engagement, and graduation rates, are fast becoming top priorities for every academic leader. At Explorance, we’ve been partnering with higher education institutions for more than 15 years, helping them navigate change through the gradual implementation of a Student Journey Analytics (SJA) framework.

Through the Blue SJA solutions, we help institutions support their students throughout their academic lifecycle with a connected experience management process, continuous listening strategy, and robust decision support capabilities.

Academic life

In an age where students have choices, ensure that the activities and services you provide are
continuously improving to meet their evolving needs – from academic life to institutional services.

  • Entrance to a univeristy


    How you interact with students from the beginning is critical. Make applicant surveys a central part of your recruitment strategy and gather essential feedback about their experiences to refine and improve.

  • Inside a library

    Campus life

    Integration into campus life can be full of surprises and lessons. Survey your students when it matters most with regular check-ins (30, 90, and 180 days) and help them when they need it most so that retention does not become an issue.

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    Most institutions stay in touch with no more than 3% of their alumni after graduation. Leverage the right survey strategy to stay connected to your alumni and benefit from their unique insights into academic life, the job market, and additional training needs.

Institutional services

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Student satisfaction

What do your students think of your institutional services (athletics, library, registrar, facilities, etc.)? Address issues in the moment and take advantage of any opportunities.

Improve institutional services

Improve the overall learner’s journey
at your institution.

Learner’s journey

Learner’s journey

Your commitment to ensuring that every student is successful in their learning comprises of
four main touch points: registration, the course experience, roadblocks to learning,
and instructor & student engagement.

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Course Registration

Provide access to historical course evaluation results and help your students choose the right course that best fits their learning needs.

Learn about course evaluations

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    First day of class

    Why wait for student feedback? Open a two-way communication channel between your students and instructors with Live Formative Feedback.

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    Midterm reviews

    Know exactly what your students perceive as strengths and weaknesses in your course. Midterm reviews provide the data you need to make improvements before it’s too late.

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    Last day of class

    Through a robust course evaluation process, gather useful insights about the effectiveness of your academic experience in order to improve course content, design, and pedagogy for future students.

Roadblocks to learning

Man wearing a backpack in the foreest

Course drop out

Don’t miss the opportunity to get the feedback of students who have dropped out. In some cases it can indicate a serious issue in the learning process.

Identify why students drop out

At-risk students

Make early detection of at-risk students and improve their chances to succeed in the course. Not all students who fail or drop out would have done so if they had been offered help at the right time.

Facilitate two-way communication

Instructor & student engagement

Continuous improvement

Instructors and students need to have regular touch points throughout the semester. While most institutions use Midterm Reviews, at Explorance we believe that student feedback should be ongoing, familiar, and expected.

With Live Formative Feedback, you can engage your students in two-way improvement centric dialogue at every stage of the learning journey.

Learn about live formative feedback

Address gaps in competencies
throughout the learners’ journey.

Competency development

Competency development

Students with strong academic performances that join the workforce often find themselves
lacking key competencies such as communication, problem solving, collaboration, team work,
and leadership.

To ensure that your students have measured competencies to complement their academic
performances, there are a few necessary steps that need to take place during the learner’s
journey including: pre-assessment, competency development programs,
continuous check-ins, and graduation.

Support your learning enablers
for better teaching and learning outcomes.

Learning enablers

Learning enablers

It is essential that you give instructors and other learning enablers (teaching assistants, fellows,
and advisors) ongoing support in all areas of their practices. This includes teaching effectiveness,
professional development, teaching assistant support, and most importantly engagement
in supporting students in their success.

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