Wayne State University Sees Increased Engagement in Student Evaluation of Teaching with Blue

Wayne State University now has a new approach to Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET). In Fall 2019, the university’s Testing, Evaluation, and Research Services office partnered with Explorance to have Blue as the platform to administer their SET surveys.

This partnership has seen a number of positive changes for the university as they look to innovate their teaching and learning. Blue SET surveys can now be accessed online through the Canvas portal, allowing for a more accessible and seamless survey experience for instructors and students. For example, reminders can be automatically sent to students throughout the final week of the semester, and instructors can receive student feedback faster than before.

With Blue, the average response rate on SET surveys was 75% – an increase of 5% over paper surveys and 34% over the previous online solution – allowing for a more accurate representation of the overall student experience.

Read the full story on how Blue is helping amplify the student voice and provide valuable feedback to instructors at Wayne State University.


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