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Washtenaw Community College Closes the Feedback Gap with Bluepulse

Montreal, Canada – May 2, 2016 – Washtenaw Community College (WCC) has selected Bluepulse to centralize classroom feedback.

When WCC was founded in 1965, it operated out of several buildings that included a bowling alley, church, elementary school, and a WWII Quonset hut. Today, the college has grown to around 100 credit programs offered across 14 modern buildings, all surrounded by 291 acres of woodland. Naturally, gathering feedback on teaching and learning across the sprawling campus and its many programs could become a challenge.

Following a successful pilot project, WCC selected Bluepulse to centralize the management of a feedback-rich academic culture. With Bluepulse, instructors don’t need to wait for the end-of-term evaluation. From the first day of class, they can receive confidential feedback, identify topics students are struggling with, and take immediate action to address learning gaps.

Bluepulse was easy to integrate with campus IT, so WCC can start uncovering academic insight for any of its programs across all 14 buildings. Students and educators have access to Bluepulse any time, through any device, so valuable feedback is always only a click away.


Chanel Sutherland
Content Marketing Specialist

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