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University of New South Wales Acquires Blue, BTA, DIG, and Bluepulse

Montreal, Canada – June 7, 2016 – The University of New South Wales (UNSW), a Group of Eight institution, has selected the Blue all-in-one assessment system to meet targeted needs on survey projects. In addition, the university has also acquired Blue Text Analytics (BTA), Bluepulse, and Data Integrity Gateway (DIG) to drive their learning analytics transformation and report performance.

A leader in digital learning and environmentally-friendly practices, UNSW sought a platform that can help them transition from a paper-based system, increase response rates, and improve the quality of data on surveys. Using the full power of Blue, the University will be able to control their survey projects from one centralized location, reducing costs and improving business processes. Through Blue + Moodle integration, forms can be embedded directly into their portal to increase traffic, engagement, and participation. With Blue’s dynamic response rate dashboard, project owners will have a live snapshot of student responses, allowing them to identify and address areas of concern in real-time.

Focusing on the learning and teaching experience, the University will leverage BTA to examine open-ended comments from surveys, categorize them into meaningful themes, and convert them into quantifiable results. In addition, UNSW will use Bluepulse to gather student suggestions, implement timely initiatives, and evaluate the effectiveness of such actions. Adding real-time insights to their strategy will help improve learning outcomes, teaching effectiveness, and overall student satisfaction.

To improve data quality and completeness, UNSW will use DIG for institutional data management. Leveraging accurate data at the outset, DIG will automate cleanup tasks, reduce the need for manual intervention, and decrease the data preparation time. With DIG in place, UNSW is set to improve institutional decisions with accurate, complete, and consistent survey data. Using Blue’s powerful reporting engine, administrators will also have access to a variety of reports that can be tailored to meet stakeholder needs for deeper understanding and analysis.

A leading public research institution in Australia, the University of New South Wales was founded in 1949. Now catering to over 50,000 students from 128 countries, UNSW is ranked 46th in the 2015 QS World University Rankings and is one of the fastest movers in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.


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