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Having worked with hundreds of institutions globally, a recurring challenge to full automation and efficiency in the course evaluation process has been enrollment data readiness. We’ve noticed that when data is not reliable there are two outcomes: it breaks the automation loop and puts a risk of error in the evaluation process. No one wants to make decisions with ‘dirty data’ or have a report end up in the wrong hands.

As a result, course evaluation administrators tend to spend weeks validating data and ensuring it is ready. This is a cumbersome operation that includes following up with hundreds of department heads and course coordinators. Even then the process is still manual and error prone. So what does it mean to be course evaluation ready?

DIG solves the most common challenges:

  • Serial Lectures – With DIG you can split lectures to ensure they are evaluated at the right time.

  • Low Enrollment Courses – Merge low enrollment courses and still get the data you need for each with DIG.

  • Data Validation – Not sure if the right instructors are assigned to the right courses? DIG allows you to delegate the validation of data to ensure it is accurate and complete.

  • Teaching Assistants – Assign the right TAs to the right courses even if they are not in your SIS.

  • Mass Modification – In one click, apply specific evaluation rules on a multitude of courses.

  • Evaluation Rules – Delegate rules as needed for courses that are being evaluated such as start/end dates and other criteria.

  • Accountability – Add accountability traces to enrollment data prior to evaluations. With DIG all changes and modifications are flagged and assigned to the responsible individual.

  • Automatic Follow-ups – With DIG, you can automatically follow up with administrators to ensure enrollment data is validated.

Manual intervention headaches

The current process

Tired of laboring for weeks to get SIS data ready for course evaluations every term? Frustrated from chasing after people to confirm that data is accurate and up-to-date? Would you rather spend time analyzing results than checking data and resolving inconsistencies?

Before DIG

Step 1

Export data

Step 2

Split and distribute to coordinators
and admins

Step 3

for weeks

Step 4

Merge data
into master file

Step 5

Validate and
handle exceptions

Automated data cleanup process

The DIG way

With DIG you can automate and centralize control of your data preparation process, taking the pain out of data cleanup. By seamlessly integrating with your SIS, DIG enables you to move, clean, augment, and add data at any point in time so you always have the information you need. When used in conjunction with the Blue all-in-one evaluation software, DIG automates workflows and decreases course evaluation data preparation time from seven to two weeks.

After DIG

Step 1

Create project

Step 2

Automatically delegate tasks and notify coordinators and admins

Step 3

Automatically monitor
progress and send reminders for

DIG feature highlights


Select what information can be updated, set validation rules, and assign tasks to the right people.

Multiple projects

Run multiple DIG projects simultaneously to meet the various needs of all your constituents.

Follow ups

Be proactive and stay one step ahead by leveraging automatic email invitations and reminders.


Rely on automated processes and eliminate errors that are often caused by manual work.

Track completion

Receive email notifications on outstanding tasks and centrally manage and keep track of DIG project evolution.


Monitor the evolution of projects by viewing completed, not completed, and in progress tasks.

Data Sync

Push clean data automatically into your Blue projects and keep track of enrollment data changes to streamline your course evaluation process.

Unified experience

If you know Blue you know DIG! Leverage a familiar administrator experience inspired by your current Blue experience.

Advanced data manipulation

Add, edit, and/or delete any data field, split or merge records, and streamline your processes
through automated workflows.

Data integrity - the way forward

Achieving data integrity goes beyond cleaning up your enrollment data. It is the cornerstone of information security where all your data,
regardless of the system, is accurate and consistent. Leveraged continually, DIG is a proactive tool that can form the foundation of your
data integrity strategy. Moving forward, DIG will be able to augment data between any two systems, from your SIS to LMS, SIS to BI, HRIS
to CMS, and more. The result - data you can trust.

Automate your course evaluation data cleansing and preparation.

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