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United Development Company Selects Blue to Facilitate 360-Degree Reviews

Montreal, Quebec – March 18, 2022 – Explorance is pleased to announce a new partnership with United Development Company (UDC). As one of Qatar’s leading real estate developers, UDC has selected Explorance’s People Insight platform, Blue as the ideal solution to centralize feedback processes and facilitate 360-degree reviews.

Using Blue’s 360-degree feedback technology, UDC will be able to rapidly identify the strengths and areas for improvement in its L&D programs, allowing the organization to focus its L&D efforts to better business effect. Additionally, Blue’s 360-degree feedback solution, reviews and facilitates aggregate reporting and automated evaluations, while the insightful Johari Window approach helps with seeing the bigger picture across all teams and discovering new employee strengths.  

With 360-degree reviews, UDC will therefore be able to efficiently transform collected data into actionable insights and more readily adapt its talent strategy to fit organizational needs. This in turn will enable UDC to realize increased organizational growth and agility.

UDC will also be able to centralize all its feedback processes by leveraging Blue’s powerful automation and robust reporting suite which will also ensure UDC’s key officials are given analytics to make insightful decisions in an efficient manner.

Throughout this process, UDC will be assisted by Explorance’s dedicated Consulting Services, which will provide additional expertise and experience to support UDC’s specific needs.   

About United Development Company

United Development Company (UDC) is a leading Qatari public shareholding company that identifies and invests in long-term projects contributing to the growth of the State of Qatar. Founded in 1999, UDC’s activities cover a multitude of vital investment sectors including real estate development, property management, infrastructure and utilities, maritime & hospitality related businesses. UDC’s flagship project is The Pearl Island, a four million sqm man-made island with luxury residences and facilities, vibrant retail, educational, healthcare, and governmental services as well as premium hotels and world-class marinas. UDC is also in the process of developing Gewan Island into the Company’s latest world class residential, commercial and entertainment project.

For more information about UDC, please visit udcqatar.com.


Ian Ehninger
Marketing Coordinator

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