Introducing MTM Connect – Helping L&D Leaders Connect Learning Data with Business Outcomes

Now you can combine your learning event response data from Metrics That Matter with other business data for more in-depth, meaningful analysis.

Montreal, Canada – October 19, 2020 – At Explorance, we’re committed to helping our customers connect and measure the full employee journey. In August, we release MTM 8.0, which offered an intuitive user experience and centralized reporting for multiple learning events within the Metrics That Matter L&D Effectiveness solution. In other words, it simplified the way HR and L&D leaders got the conference and class data they needed to drive actions, improvements, and decisions in learning programs.

Now with MTM 8.1, we took that a step further. “Over the years, we’ve had clients ask to combine their learning data with other business data outside of MTM as part of measuring the overall employee journey,” commented Eric Matson, Product Manager at Explorance. “That was the key driver behind MTM 8.1 and its main feature, MTM Connect.”

MTM Connect is a RESTful API that allows corporate HR and L&D leaders to export their class and conference data (i.e., survey responses) from within Metrics That Matter and store it in their own data warehouses. This allows them to combine their MTM learning data with other business data to help identify new insights, trends, and root causes impacting their training and business performance.


MTM Connect Data Flow


The MTM Connect API was built to compliment Metric That Matter’s world-class L&D reporting suite, which includes:

  • Modern navigation menu
  • Easy access homepage
  • Ready Reports
  • Centralized reports and dashboards
  • Data Explorer
  • Key driver recommendations


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“Every organization has different goals and priorities, so it was very important to us that they could all leverage the API regardless of their organizational structure,” said Eric. “Our goal is to enable clients to be better business partners and prove their contribution to their company’s bottom line.”

Read the full Q&A with Eric Matson.

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