Employee Journey Analytics

By creating an ongoing feedback gathering process, centralized with Employee Journey Analytics (EJA), you get deeper insights into what works and what doesn’t. Now you can start understanding employee sentiments, improving performances, and identifying patterns across different stages of the employee journey.

Improve organizational success by fostering a culture of innovation and increase the performance of your employees at all levels, with employee experience management, continuous listening and decision support.

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What’s in it for you with EJA?

Our commitment is to help you support your employes at every step of their journey.

See the difference EJA will deliver:

  • Optimize your recruitment process

  • Increase employee engagement

  • Achieve higher performance on the job

  • Minimize employee attrition rates

A unified approach

Blue EJA is the unified solution that gives you the right tools to ensure no one in your organization is left behind. Think about an alternative approach where you might have various solutions to address different issues. That might work, but you must also consider everything else that approach entails such as multiple budgets, IT support and integration, user experience, and disconnected data sets.

Blue EJA changes all that. Instead of having a disjointed feedback gathering process, Blue EJA gives you a single source of truth from a centralized solution offering scalability, efficiency, IT integration, automation, and enhanced user experience.

What if we can be with employees at every step?

Blue EJA is capable of delivering all your stepwise survey needs including learning evaluations, 360 degree reviews, organizational surveys, employee engagement surveys and more.

With the knowledge and insight provided by Blue EJA, you can ensure employee loyalty and engagement while strengthening your employer brand. Through automation, data analysis and customized reporting, Blue EJA lets you tell your full employee experience story.

What if we can ensure employee’s voices are heard?

How can you stay aligned with your organization's strategic and talent priorities if you’re only finding out about certain HR issues after they’ve already happened? Don’t limit the conversation to just predetermined feedback intervals, whether it’s yearly, twice a year, every month, etc.

Think about all the talent insights that you can capture in between set review times. With continuous listening you can hear the needs of your employees at a moment’s notice and establish open lines of communication. Get ahead of any issues that may come up between your organization’s set reviews so that everyone can make the small continual adjustments that lead to big impact.

What if we can help you make better decisions?

When you don’t have all the context around a given situation, how do you know you’re making the right decision? These decisions become critical when trying to best support those who work at your organization. When you have separate processes for feedback collection, connections are being lost, and you’re not getting the full picture.

Decision support capabilities in Blue EJA include flexible reporting and dashboarding that allows you to tap into your organization’s feedback (direct, indirect, and inferred) so you can make connections that lead to deeper insights. Know your employees' needs and stay on top of engagement and productivity. Now you don’t have to ask, “am I making the right decision?”

Methodology & expertise

A partnership you can trust

Not sure where to start with your Journey Analytics strategy? We are here to partner with you every step of the way and help put you on the road to success. Our
knowledgeable experts can help you get started quickly with proven methodology or work with you to develop custom frameworks tailored to your unique needs.
Capability development, coaching, and custom data analysis and insight mining services are available to help fill in skill gaps or work as an extension of your team.

Whatever path you take, we will help your organization create real world success. We can offer:

  • Science-backed methodology

  • Pre-built reports and dashboards

  • Question libraries and key metrics

  • Employee journey mapping

  • Stakeholder coaching

  • Measurement strategy development

  • Custom data analysis

  • Impact studies

  • Competency and Skill assessment

Deliver an exceptional employee journey.

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