What’s New in MTM 8.1 – A Q&A with Product Manager, Eric Matson

Written by Explorance.

With the MTM 8.1 release comes exciting new features and functionalities within the Metrics That Matter L&D Effectiveness solution. We don’t often see behind-the-scenes what it takes to plan a release from start to finish. That’s why we sat down with Product Manager Eric to get the scoop on the ins and outs of launching MTM 8.1.

Q: What are the main themes of the MTM 8.1 release?

EM: Back in August, we released new ways for users to interact with their learning data in Metrics That Matter (MTM). MTM 8.1 introduces our first API. MTM Connect is a RESTful API for retrieving Class and Conference answer data. This API gives clients who need to store their learning data in their own data warehouses the same flexibility and control they have in the Metrics That Matter reporting suite.  


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Q: What was behind the making of MTM 8.1? What were the key drivers behind the selection of its themes and features?

EM: Ready Reports, Dashboards, and Data Explorer are built into Metrics That Matter to meet a wide range of L&D reporting needs, from tactical to strategic. However, over the years, we’ve had clients ask to combine their learning data with other business data outside of MTM as part of measuring the overall employee journey. This was great news for Explorance because our goal is to enable clients to be better business partners and prove their contribution to their company’s bottom line.  

That was the key driver behind MTM Connect. Creating an API offering meant we could expose Class and Conference performance data collected in MTM to clients. Every organization has different goals and priorities, so it was very important to us that they could all leverage the API regardless of their organizational structure. 

Q: From a customer standpoint, what’s in it for them?

EM: MTM Connect gives users yet another option for analyzing their data. It is intended to be a compliment to Ready Reports, Data Explorer, and Dashboards, all of which still provide customers with a world-class L&D reporting suite in Metrics That Matter. However, users who want to perform a different kind of analysis can now use the MTM Connect API to pull and store their learning data offline and combine it with other datasets. 

Historically, Explorance offered some limited ways to export learning data to meet this need automatically. MTM Connect is the next evolution of those solutions. For the first time, users can control what data they are exporting, how often, and when it is exported – if any modifications were made to historical data. And it will all be delivered securely.  

Q: Can you provide a couple of highlights around the MTM 8.1 working experience?

EM: The creation and roll-out of MTM Connect was truly a cross-functional effort across multiple Explorance teams. That kind of collaboration and teamwork was truly special to be a part of and is the reason why we have something as cool as our new API offering. In particular: 

  • Product Management – Katie Nielsen
  • MTM DevOps – Neelakantan Narayanan, Arun Murali, Nithya Sabapathy, Sriram Gunasingh, Pugalengi Selvaraj, Raffi Kalemdjian, Ravishankar Rajappa, Manjunathan Ramanathan, Balaji Sreenivasan, Yannick Villemaire
  • Community Engagement and Learning Center – Erika Cost and Chris Billman
  • Graphic Designers – Arnaud Friedel and Nathalie Nguyen

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