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eXplorance Signals Commitment to Continuous Improvement With Launch of New Branding

Montreal, Canada - August 12, 2015 - eXplorance, the leading Learning Experience Management solution provider, announced the launch of its new branding targeted at embodying the company’s growth and maturity. eXplorance’s new logo and website have been designed to reflect how the company’s culture of continuous improvement permeates every aspect of the business, from the company’s assessment solutions to professional services and partner relations. With the new branding, eXplorance is setting the stage for new corporate milestones ahead, while catering to an increasingly diverse client base.

Over the past year, eXplorance has experienced continuous growth in terms of product line evolution, enhanced methodological processes and international clientele expansion. The company introduced a new disruptive solution - Bluepulse™ that has been a game-changer in regards to how feedback analysis is conducted. Bluepulse enables organizations to facilitate a real-time social dialog instead of a once-in-a-blue-moon feedback interaction. The new solution can be leveraged for a wide range of applications, including customer satisfaction surveys, employee engagement surveys, business intelligence and market research. With over 250 clients in 24 countries, eXplorance has enabled more than 9 million users speaking 16 different languages to make their voices heard.

To manage such rapid development, eXplorance’s team has committed to continually monitoring their progress and learning the same way they advise clients. eXplorance’s new logo has specifically been designed to symbolize this culture of continuous improvement, which is at the heart of its business. The compass shows the direction to follow, echoing eXplorance’s commitment not to settle with “what has happened”, but to focus on “why certain events happen” as well as “what shall be done to improve the situation.” The circle visual illustrates the continuous process behind the Learning Experience Management (LEM) framework. The cyclical motion comes from the iteration at the core of LEM, by which learning progress is regularly assessed, analyzed, improved and monitored based on the benchmarks that were initially set by the organization. To reflect eXplorance’s results-focused approach, the X’s revolving edges project the positive growth and enhanced agility stemming from continuous improvement.

To learn more about how eXplorance assists educational institutions, corporations and consulting firms in achieving a cycle of continuous improvement, please visit eXplorance’s new web site.


Gil Gruber
eXplorance, Inc
(514) 238-7766

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