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Explorance CEO Samer Saab Discusses ‘The Great Resignation’ with Tech Talks Daily Podcast

Montreal, Quebec – October 19, 2021 – Explorance CEO Samer Saab guested last week on the Tech Talks Daily Podcast discussing ‘The Great Resignation’ – the ongoing surge in employee turnover and how businesses can respond effectively to this major challenge. Samer was joined by presenter Neil C. Hughes for this episode.

Millions Don’t Feel Heard at Work

A recent survey on employee attitudes to feedback indicated that 41% of US workers are currently seeking to change jobs, ‘The Great Resignation’ presents a major issue for employers – making success in recruitment, retention, and professional development all the more vital.

Workers are indicating that they are motivated to give feedback, but can be deeply disappointed if prompt action is not taken in response. As CEO of the leading provider of Experience Management (XM) solutions, Samer noted how Machine Learning-enabled comment analysis tools can offer enterprise-level organizations a vital edge in this environment.

This can form part of an overall strategy that will help organizations to adopt a more holistic and data-driven approach, responding rapidly to employee sentiment in order to boost employee engagement – and deliver better employee retention.

Listen to the full podcast below.


About Explorance

Explorance is the leading Employee Experience Management (EXM) solution provider, empowering organizations to make personalized and impactful decisions with feedback data. Through its offerings; BlueMLMetrics That Matter (MTM)BlueX and Blue, Explorance reimagines how Experience Management can impact the lifelong learner’s journey, breaking down segmented data silos so organizations can make the best possible decisions.

Explorance’s culture of mutual respect and reciprocity was recognized in April 2021, with the company ranked as the #1 Workplace in Canada by the Great Place to Work® Institute. Learn more at

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