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Brock University Leverages Blue and Bluepulse for Comprehensive Student Feedback

Montreal, Canada – July 7, 2015 – Brock University has selected Blue as its comprehensive course evaluation system to enhance the overall teaching and learning experience. Along with Blue, the institution has acquired Bluepulse in order to gather real-time social feedback to drive student learning.

As an institution that fosters academic excellence, Brock University requires a solution that can integrate with its current systems, obtain actionable insights, and instill continuous improvement. Moving from paper to online, the university aims to raise participation by embedding forms and reports directly in their learning management system, Sakai. With Blue and Sakai integration, Brock is ready to increase accessibility, LMS traffic, and engagement. The university is also prepared to monitor improvement by viewing real-time results, generating a variety of report types, and tracking progress over time.

Complementing the summative feedback from course evaluations, Brock University will implement Bluepulse to obtain ongoing formative feedback. Through daily suggestions, the institution can create an open dialogue to stimulate improvement and enhance the student and instructor relationship. At Brock University, Bluepulse will play a key role in student success by providing instructors with a better understanding of progress. Instructors will also benefit by learning what they can start, stop, and continue doing in the classroom to elevate the learning experience.

Based in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, Brock University is a renowned public research institution that is located in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Home to over 18,000 students, Brock offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs and one of Canada’s largest co-op programs. Ranked in the top 15 comprehensive universities in Canada, the institution is known for its research and commitment to taking students beyond the pursuit of academic excellence.



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