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Bluepulse Receives IMS Global’s Learning Impact Award

The live formative feedback system developed by Explorance, Bluepulse®, was awarded a bronze medal for its evidence-based learning improvement in educational institutions.

Explorance, the leading provider of Learning Experience Management (LEM) solutions, announces today that its live formative feedback platform, Bluepulse, has been recognized by the IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS Global) as a bronze medal winner in the category of Formative Assessment to Enable Student-Centered Learning under New/ Research Projects

IMS Global’s annual Learning Impact Awards recognize outstanding, innovative applications of educational technology to address the most significant challenges facing the global education market. The competition's core philosophy relies on IMS Global’s Learning Impact Trend framework, which serves as an indicator of emerging educational technology trends. “The Learning Impact Awards designate the combination of a great product with a great strategy that together enables tangible advancement of access, affordability, and quality of educational programs," says Dr. Rob Abel, chief executive officer at the IMS Global Learning Consortium. Combined with public voting, judges assess the learning impact of the technology in an educational institution context.

To ensure improved learning, institutions are putting student engagement and success at the forefront. “Student engagement through formative evaluation is an imperative component to retention and success. Receiving in-time feedback with the freedom of anonymity generates pedagogic meaningful relationships between the faculty and student. Bluepulse, by Explorance, is the answer for our institution,” says Peter Baccile, Executive Director of Online Learning, Educational & Media Technology Services at Washtenaw Community College. Bluepulse gauges student sentiment, understanding, and progress to drive achievements starting from the first day of the semester. This process of continuous improvement results in increased student engagement, satisfaction, retention and overall student success.

To learn more about the Bluepulse solution, how it works and what ROI to expect, please view the Bluepulse video.


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