What’s New in BlueX 1.5? A Q&A with Product Manager, Chanh Do

Written by Explorance.

Explorance is excited to announce the release of BlueX 1.5. In this blog, BlueX Product Manager Chanh Do explains the latest updates to the online survey software.

Q: What’s new in BlueX 1.5?

CD: BlueX 1.5 brings in highly popular capabilities to:

  • Increase survey administration efficiencies, including personal contact list management and direct respondent list update in live surveys
  • Expand BlueX interoperability to support the implementation of triggers and intercepts to launch surveys from any website or application, and to receive regular status and environment updates
  • Introduce general enhancements around report export options, and publishing queues


BlueX online survey software respondent list screenshot

Q: What are the main themes of the BlueX 1.5 release?

CD: BlueX is a fast-evolving customer-centric survey solution. Its roadmap is highly dynamic and responsive to our customers’ most valuable needs. In BlueX 1.5, the general theme is around the notions of interoperability and respondent management.

Q: From a customer standpoint, what’s in it for them?

CD: We have focused on expanding possibilities and increasing efficiencies for BlueX survey administrators. A BlueX administrator no longer needs to manage one respondent list per survey, and they no longer need to upload the whole respondent list every time they need a new contact added or removed from a survey. BlueX survey administrators can now manage a central respondent list or many of them; they can also add respondents on the fly to an ongoing survey.

In addition, we have introduced WebHooks to enable administrators to trigger surveys in a natural setting from any website or application where they need it launched.


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