BlueX 1.5 is Here! An Online Survey Software That Anyone Can Use

With BlueX 1.5, Explorance offers an intuitive and powerful survey interface where anyone can easily create, schedule, and send surveys, easing the burden of survey administration.

Montreal, Canada – September 18, 2020  – At Explorance, we believe that using new survey software shouldn’t be difficult. That’s why we built BlueX with a user-friendly interface and flexible functionalities that allow anyone to create surveys, forms, newsletters, online quizzes, and other questionnaires as they see fit.

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Now with the release of BlueX 1.5, Explorance takes survey creation and administration to the next level, so you can start getting answers to your most important questions easily and efficiently.  

What’s New with BlueX 1.5?

Create a Personal Contact List: Survey respondent lists are usually created by uploading a local file, which might include multiple steps. If you want to use the same respondents in different surveys, you’ll need to repeat the entire process again and again – which is not very efficient. There’s also the possibility that you may lose access to the respondent file, which then requires more effort to retrieve (e.g., export respondents from a survey, download the file, and upload it again to the new survey).

With BlueX 1.5, you can upload your regular survey respondents list and save it within the software. This enables you to quickly access and utilize the list in any survey you want without re-uploading. You can even organize the contacts directly in BlueX, and not worry about losing them.

BlueX online survey software respondent list screenshot


Update Respondents in BlueX: While creating a survey, you might want to manually add a new respondent to your list, without having to re-upload a file. BlueX also allows you to manually add, update, or remove a respondent from your survey without uploading a new file.

View Publishing Queue: With BlueX 1.5, surveys are published sequentially. Users can check the progress of their own survey and see which surveys are on the waiting list. You can also track:

  • Who else has published surveys?
  • Number of respondents and number of questions in the publishing queue
  • Surveys that will be published later and the surveys that failed
  • Dismiss or retry failed surveys from the queue

Access Webhooks and use them in Surveys: Now, users with permission can ask BlueX to provide real-time information to external systems. You can get informed when a survey is submitted and use this information to customize special events in your external systems.

BlueX online survey software webhook screenshot


Customize Response ID: Manually customize the “response ID” for each option of a choice or scale question, so that you can assign a value of meaning for different options question while keeping the labels shown to respondents. This value can then be exported as an Excel or CSV file with all the other responses.


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