Welcome to the New and Improved Explorance Website

Written by Chanel Sutherland.

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As you probably already noticed, we have a brand new website. In keeping with our commitment to staying one step ahead, we redesigned our site to provide a more user-friendly experience where ease of navigation, improved functionality, and better access to information are the main focus.

“We see the world in a bigger way and this website reflects that,” comments Samer Saab, CEO at Explorance. “We’re focused on experience, so with this new site we’re ensuring to give all users an experience that lets them see who we are, what we do, and why we do it.”

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  1. Responsive design:

    Aside from the look and feel of the site, we have taken responsive design to a whole new level. This website provides a consistent experience for all users regardless of what device they’re using (smartphone, tablet, or desktop, etc.).

  2. Improved content:

    The improved content speaks even more to what our customers want and expect from Explorance: a feedback company. For example, the new solutions page illustrates opportunities where organizations can capture valuable data at key points during the lifecycle of teaching, learning, and development.

  3. Expanded product range:

    We have responded directly to what our customers are asking for and expanded the range of products we offer, starting with Blue Analytics - a standalone feedback analytics platform.

  4. Our approach:

    Visitors to our site will have a better view of who we are as a company, what we believe in, and most importantly - what makes us the right partner for them. Our approach includes renewed mission, vision, and passion statements as well as a timeline of Explorance’s history and where we are going.

  5. Easy access to forms:

    The redesign also brings the most important features forward for easier access and less clicking. Users can request a customized demo or contact us at any stage during their navigation, all in one easy step.

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