Support all of your decisions without any data blind spots

Get a 360 view of your organizational feedback data. With Blue Analytics you can analyze feedback, tap into unstructured data, and add context to every question - getting a more complete view of stakeholder expectations.

All the tools you need to support your stakeholders in their most important decisions.

In the traditional world of feedback questions are asked, comments are captured, and the data is analyzed. We wanted to go a step further to ensure that when you make feedback-based decisions they are founded on reliable and robust information.

That’s why feedback analytics at Explorance is more. We make sure there are no blind spots by looking at every aspect of your stakeholders’ journey, allowing you to correlate the feedback you get and eliminate the potential for mistakes. Get responses based on the questions you ask. Don’t just settle for reading comments; we categorize comments into meaningful themes and trends for deeper analysis.

Blue Analytics includes a flexible and powerful reporting engine, a text analytics framework, interactive dashboards, and an engine that will integrate with all of your key information systems. Make sure your organization captures every angle of your stakeholders’ journey.

4 phases of feedback analytics evolution

Feedback / voice

From feedback to action.

In most cases, the feedback loop is not closed. This is not because people don’t want to improve; it’s because they don’t know where to start. At Explorance, we look at feedback culture in a more holistic way to ensure that you don’t just capture and analyze feedback but also support and monitor improvement initiatives.

  • Generate reports quickly: Share reports in a timely manner to ensure that improvement actions are meaningful.

  • Escalation and alert capabilities: Leverage a mechanism engine that handles feedback elements that require immediate action.

  • Improvement recommendations: Make sure your reports also include guidelines that offer context on what needs to be improved and what should be done to improve.

  • Visibility and monitoring: Ensure that improvement initiatives are working and visible to the stakeholders who provided the feedback in order to close the loop and engage them in the process.

Context / journey data

Avoid making decisions you’ll regret.

Don’t make decisions without the full picture. In feedback initiatives, the data is often looked at as an absolute when in reality there are a lot of color and context that is missed. Why would you make decisions on the total data when you can slice and dice it based on information that you already have in your CRM, SIS, HRIS, or other systems? How do you make sure you have the full picture so you don’t leave any stakeholders behind?

If you take feedback without context you can miss out on symptomatic challenges that can hurt your organization’s performance, impact, and stakeholder engagement. Connect touchpoints between your stakeholders and organization along with the feedback you gather regularly to tell a more complete story for more accurate journey analytics.

Text insights / analytics

Don’t limit yourself by the questions you ask.

In feedback culture, the focus is primarily on the questions that we feel needs to be asked. However, we’ve noticed a growing trend where more unstructured stakeholder feedback is being gathered through formal and informal channels. This feedback holds a wealth of information that is a true representation of your stakeholder expectations.

That’s why Explorance developed the text analytics technology and categorization dictionaries. In addition, we also have the capability to create targeted and vetted text analytics dictionaries based on your unique requirements (e.g. sentiment, categorization, alerts, etc.).

Journey analytics

Tap into stakeholder feedback and motivation across various channels.

Who have not heard of Glassdoor, Rate My Professors, or LinkedIn? Although these are not necessarily the most inclusive or reliable sources of data, in today’s social-driven world they cannot be ignore.

Leverage Blue analytics to make sense of these types of feedback and include these channels in the information that you rely on to make decisions for your organization.

Blue analytics dashboards

Put the power of Blue Analytics at the
fingertips of your stakeholders.

With the Blue individual dashboards, you can empower your stakeholders to view results in one interactive area. Now stakeholders can quickly
identify successes, blind spots, opportunities, as well as see improvement over time.

Paving the way forward

Machine learning center of excellence

With the evolution of technology, Explorance is deeply invested in machine learning in order to assist organizations in automating the predictability of key strategic stakes.

  • Categorize qualitative feedback: In an automated fashion across segments and applications.

  • Early detection : Of issues that matter most to you (retention, satisfaction, success, engagement, recruitment, onboarding, etc.).

  • Address all segment fields: and become more powerful and accurate in predicting the things that matter most.

Learning standardization efforts

An IMS Global contributing member, Explorance is helping lead the efforts to further standardize learning experience analytics as part of their caliper initiative. We aim to ensure that any data that stems out of learning experience can be consumed by organizations without any vendor lock in, removing barriers to data access and understanding.

Journey analytics

It’s no longer a thing of the future;
at Explorance it’s happening here and now!

Use Blue analytics to make more informed decisions.

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