New User Admin and Question Creation Functionality in Bluepulse 4.7.6 – A Q&A with Director of Product Management, Nitin Sharma

Written by Lorcan Archer - Content Marketing Specialist at Explorance.

Explorance’s Bluepulse is a continuous listening platform – designed to increase both employee and student engagement by more rapidly reflecting the experiences of both Higher Education students and enterprise employees.

Our latest release – Bluepulse 4.7.6  – provides new functionality that will be of use to institutions seeking to increase their feedback and engagement rates – by improving options and functionality around question formatting.

Q. What’s new in Bluepulse 4.7.6?

  • Improved consistency across question options.
  • More options for comment inclusion.
  • Enhanced alerts for elapsed question periods.
  • User Interface updates.
  • And more.

Q. Can you take us through these enhancements, Nitin?

Nitin: For Bluepulse 4.7.6, a major theme was Subject Admin question enhancements, mainly focused around question creation and the options that are associated with that.

Q. What are the new options available?

Nitin: In previous versions of Bluepulse, when you created a multiple-choice Subject Admin question, you could only had seven options available. Now, that’s been pushed up to a maximum of 10 – making it consistent with other question types.

In the past, the rate and comment feature was always built so that rating was mandatory, and commenting was optional. Additionally, the commitment question in the past was always just one option – “I’m in”, for example.

The latest changes incorporated into Bluepulse 4.7.6 ensure that comment boxes are either ‘Not Included’, ‘Optional’, or ‘Mandatory.’

Q. What does that mean for scripting questions, in practice?

Nitin: Now, it’s possible to have a rating question that doesn’t display any comment options. It’s also possible to have a rating question with an optional comment box, or a rating question with a required comment box.

The same comment options are now also available for commitment questions. It’s possible to have just the commitment question presented just like it was in past versions of Bluepulse, where you have one option, to say “I’m in”, to confirm whatever is being referred to.

Now however, these commitment questions can show a comment box as well. The comment box is optional or mandatory, because we’re updating rate and comment to simply be “Rating”, and comment is one of those options you can configure for the question.

Q. What are the changes to notifications?

Nitin: We have also added a new notification feature. If a Subject Admin creates a question, and they configure it to only share the results of this question once the question period has ended, when it does end, users will now receive a notification saying “Hey, this question ended! Results are now available. Go check it out.”

Previously, people had to respond to a question, go look at the results on their own without prompting, and they would see a message essentially saying to come back when the question ends. And then they have to do a little bit of calculation – how long until it ends? They would have to remember this.

Now, we’ll actually send a notification to everyone the question was sent to, stating that results are available now

Q. What other changes does this update include?

Nitin: Users will note that we’ve also carried out a minor User Interface (UI) update, improving how rank order results are displayed.

Q: Anything to note as regards the process of developing Bluepulse 4.7.6?

Nitin: Many thanks to our Development and QA teams for the 4.7.6 release. As always, they’ve worked hard to deliver this increased functionality for our end-users.


About Nitin: Image of Nitin Sharma - Product Manager for Bluepulse
Nitin Sharma is the Director of Product Management, Blue and Bluepulse, at Explorance. He is a technology enthusiast at heart and has been an Explorer for over four years. He enjoys the challenges and teamwork involved in creating useful innovations which offer memorable experiences. When not reading up on new trends or technologies, he enjoys spending time outdoors and experiencing new cultures. 



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