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Bluepulse 2 – For Higher Instructor and Student Engagement

By Chanel Sutherland

The way you and your students communicate in the classroom is likely to be the largest factor in determining teaching and learning outcomes. Open communication can provide the information you need to optimize student success and improve end-of-term course evaluations results. Unfortunately, students are not always comfortable speaking up in class about the issues that are affecting their learning.

As part of the continuous improvement cycle, Bluepulse 2 – a live formative feedback platform – is designed to drive student success with ongoing engagement and support. By combining the strengths of popular social media platforms Bluepulse 2 opens a two-way communication channel where you and your students can be candid with each other. Here’s how it can help you increase engagement in your classroom.

Give Every Student a Voice from Day One: With Bluepulse 2 you can treat student success as an ongoing process that begins on the first day of class and lasts throughout the semester. A conduit for even the shyest of learners, Bluepulse 2 allows you to actively engage every student and let them know that their voices are being heard. By asking a quick question or setting up automatic weekly questions, you can increase participation and encourage active learning.  Students can give confidential feedback anytime, anywhere, and on any device.  You can follow-up with tailored questions and take action to support your students when they need it.

Engage Your Classroom with Innovative Teaching Styles: Student feedback is an integral part of teaching as it helps determine whether or not the goals of education are being met. The Bluepulse 2 platform enables collaboration between you and your students can lead to opportunities to innovate in the classroom. By being proactive about identifying and closing learning gaps, you can discover new and more effective teaching techniques. These will better align with your students’ expectations for their educational experience and your learning outcome goals.

Increase Engagement in End-of-Term Evaluation:  It’s never been easier for students to give input. Bluepulse 2 helps you get your students into the habit of giving feedback on a regular basis and also highlights the importance of feedback in their learning. With Bluepulse 2 your students experience firsthand the benefits of voicing feedback and are therefore more likely to participate in end-of-term course evaluations.

To learn more about Bluepulse 2 request a demo today.

Read the Bluepulse 2 case study by the University of Mary Washington.

Chanel M. Sutherland
Marketing Content Specialist, Explorance

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