Shifting From a Culture of Training to a Culture of Learning

Presented by:
Rose Sheldon, Allstate, Director of Enterprise Learning and Development

In the modern work environment, the ability to call upon transferrable skills can be invaluable. This makes for a considerable challenge is for education and training professionals, as they strive to motivate employees to take up these important skills with enthusiasm.

In this webinar, Rose Sheldon, Allstate Insurance Company’s Director of Enterprise Learning and Development, explores how instilling a perpetual educational mindset is crucial in the modern workforce. As the pace of change in the workforce continues unabated, the term fourth Industrial Revolution is gaining popularity, as it indicates the scale of ongoing change being witnessed.

In this webinar, Rose outlines the data-driven identification of employee requirements at Allstate, and this can be used to build a system that provisions for future needs on an ongoing basis.

This session focuses upon:

  • The significance that the fourth Industrial Revolution places on continual learning.
  • Action points for practically progressing from “training” to a “culture of learning mindset”
  • The data strategy utilized at Allstate to measure employee progression, and anticipate the resources needed at present, and in times to come.

Measure and Improve a Culture of Learning

To truly measure the impact of learning programs, and chart the progress made in expanding a company mindset, the use of learning measurement solution can be an effective choice. This delivers the insight and analytics needed to truly gauge the adoption of new learning approaches at an enterprise level.

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