Learning Live Digital: Learning Measurement as a Strategy: Connecting Business with L&D at PepsiCo

Steve Lange, Principal Consultant, Explorance
Paul Kent, Senior L&D Manager, PepsiCo

Explorance Principal Consultant Steve Lange interviews Paul Kent, Sr. L&D Manager at PepsiCo and Adjunct Lecturer/Assistant Professor University College Dublin regarding how PepsiCo has used learning measurement and evaluation as a strategy to partner with the business and influence decision-making. The conversation initially focuses on these three question areas:

  • How did moving from a disjointed evaluation strategy and process to a more consistent, holistic strategy impact how you made decisions about L&D programs?
  • What about your learning strategy today is different and how has your measurement approach had to adapt (given last two years of COVID, hybrid/remote learning, etc.)
  • How has your role as a partner to the business evolved over the last two years?

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