Leading Talent in Disrupted Times: Drive Agility and Results 5x Faster with Bluepulse

Presenters: Justin Taylor, Chief Client Officer at Explorance
Debbie Groves, VP Enterprise Sales

This webinar offers an introduction to Bluepulse – a communication hub allowing you to easily connect, discuss, and respond to everyone across your organization in real-time, in the flow of work, and confidentiality. Bluepulse is uniquely capable of supporting an organization’s feedback, analysis, and actions that enable agility. The connection between agility and business success is crucial, and the financial and talent outcome of highly agile organizations are well documented.

So how does Bluepulse enable agility? It is suited for any initiative that requires fast action and does more than collect and analyze feedback. Bluepulse is a solution that inherently drives change, engagement, and agility. Watch the webinar to learn more about Bluepulse:

  • Confidential feedback
  • Immediate analysis and the capability to respond in a personalized way
  • Target response to an individual, group of people all without losing anonymity
  • Interactions can be driven centrally or locally across the organization so all leaders can take ownership of driving resolution for issues as they arise
  • Any individual can offer unsolicited feedback through the portal, app, or an integrated component within the flow at work.

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