Driving Effectiveness of L&D in Today’s Climate: A conversation with Quicken/Rock Central’s Rob Way

Presenters: Rob Way, Learning Leader | Rock Central
Debbie Groves, Vice President, Enterprise Sales | Explorance

You are responsible for driving results from Talent Development in a time of whirlwind change – and you know that the opportunity for having a positive impact is big. But how should you go about this today? Hear how Rob Way, learning leader at Rock Central, is getting started with Metrics That Matter to drive the right conversations across the organization, and how they see this evolving over time. In this 45 min discussion with Rob, we will also introduce you to Explorance’s MTM and Bluepulse solutions so that you have a basis for considering a best practice approach for driving effectiveness in talent development at your organization.


Start driving the right talent-related conversations across your organization today.

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